2015 Highlander is sporty stylish efficient and comfortable

Branded cars are the in thing today; with the creation of new opportunities and increase in employment rate everyone wants a lavish model to suit their high-income status. There are so many new developments in automobile engineering world, a hot topic of research and development (R and D) is the creation of aerodynamic exterior frame.

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Apart from a light vehicle, mileage is the key sales driving factor, along with swanky car customers look at fuel-economy as a critical buying element. The hectic work life and fast movement of business solutions has enabled employees to travel long distances.  A combination of light body and mileage is what customers are looking for, and 2015 Toyota Highlander fits the bill, and its ace contender is Nissan Pathfinder.

The competition levels in Indian auto market have intensified, the battle is so intense even in unnoticeable areas such as vehicle lightness. It is a cut-throat battle between Toyota Highlander and Nissan Pathfinder. Toyota launched Highlander years ago, and the development of the vehicle is in tune with advancements of automobile engineering and customer sentiment. The first Highlander was a small crossover car with only two rows; it was only slightly bigger than RAV4.

The new Highlander is a much bigger car from the earliest piece; the 2015 model is fitted with a robust 3.5 liter V6 engine that generates 270hp and coupled with six speed automatic transmission gearbox. Highlander can be driven long distances, for 100km city the fuel consumption rate is 12.5 liters, for all wheel drive it is 11.6 liters and the front wheel drive cars gives 9.3 liters. The all-wheel drive XLE car gives 11.3 liters for every 100km; the reading is calibrated taking a bit of city and highway driving into consideration.  With the all-wheel drive car consumers can pick from standard Limited and XLE car and LE model.

The new Highlander is a big car, it is engineered in a way to accommodate many occupants and take in heavy weight. It can fit in 2,268kg, and a person who drove the Highlander was satisfied with the feel of the vehicle. The interior room is vastly spacious, and offers world class comfort. The chassis is stiff and rigid and can absorb enormous impacts. The handling power of chassis is phenomenal it can accommodate 2,000 kg and the ride output is breathtaking.

Highlander is a perfect vacation model, the foldable seats makes it ideal to plan a perfect getaway like camping, water rafting and so on. The seats are foldable, and the volume can be extended from 385 liters to 2,370 liters with folding of second and third row seats. The cargo volume of Sienna is 4,247 liters.

The new Highlander is a worthy purchase packed with style and comfort, and the fashion statement is in tune with tastes of modern demographic. The car looks sturdy and classy; there are neat lines on side and front. The headlights are molded into neat slanted structures and look elegant and sophisticated. The grille is an imaginative four point structure filled with layers of horizontal lines.

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