Toyota will introduce Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sometime in 2018 or beyond

Green Car technology is progressing rapidly and Toyota is a big player, the company stunned the crowd with its Camry and Prius hybrid vehicles. Automobile companies all over the globe are working towards the advancements of eco-friendly cars, and the latest hot topic of research and development is hydrogen fuel cell technology and Toyota is building a Mirai fuel cell car.

The principle behind the operation of Mirai is it runs on hydrogen gas that combines with atmospheric oxygen and forms electricity that drives the vehicle. Hydrogen fuel cell system is not a common term, but the awareness of it has expanded recently and the demand for it is enormously high. Toyota is building the car in large scale and for some interesting piece of information, orders have started to pour in, and the expected arrival period is sometime in 2018.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology appears to be a highly innovative market of the space age, and Mirai is ideally developed on the lines of futuristic technology. The vehicle is packed with new advanced technologies, and Toyota is working on supreme quality and efficiency, and mentioned it is a press statement recently. Earlier reports revealed an earlier launch date and it has now been postponed, and the company has apologized for the delay.

How exciting would it be to drive Mirai, and it is a product of high-tech development, Toyota commenced the sale process in December in home town Japan. In January around 1,500 bookings were placed out of which 60% stemmed from the high-profile corporate arena and governments, and the remaining from the public. For some intriguing piece of information, the people who placed orders where men above the age of 65 and even older, and further details on booking has not yet been disclosed.

Mirai is a handmade car and costs 5.2 million Yen which is $43,010, and the manufacturing process is being carried out by only 13 workers at the established Motomachi factory situated in central Japan. Up till now Toyota has build three Mirai vehicles, and the current goal is to build about 700 fuel cell cars. The production outcome will be heightened in the year 2016 and the aim is to manufacture 2,000 units and in 2017 the company hopes to construct 3,000 units.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a flourishing area of research and development, Honda too is working on fuel cell vehicle. The significance of Mirai is displayed at the amazing 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and for those who are keen to have a firm glimpse of the vehicle can head to the event, it is open from the 5th to the 15th of March.

Toyota will unveil the vehicle sometime in 2018, which means car enthusiasts will have to wait for a few years. The wait is however worth it because a grand surprise is on its way, Mirai will transform occupants into ultra space age, and years from now there may be many more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the streets.

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