The Toyota Prius 2016 is on the way

It doesn’t even matter what people think about Toyota Prius, well for the world’s largest automakers Toyota Prius is an extremely important car, so there might be several people who don’t like Toyota right and can bang off their phones on the wall due to hatred, you must be thinking why? It is because the official images of the 2016 Toyota Prius have been found leaked on a Taiwanese website, which is a matter of disgrace to the company.

2015 Toyota Prius C

2015 Toyota Prius C

Those leaked official images basically include official and reserved photographs of the car and its several diagrammatic drawings of the car. Those diagrams basically depict the evolution of the Toyota Prius’s previous version Prius Lozenge, with complete vocabulary of designs in the cars such as the Mirai and various other Toyota’s latest top concept cars. So finally Toyota provided us with a comment that they are not confirming and denying from anything, they might be capable of guessing the accurateness of these based on how raged their replies may be.

The new look and the new version of the Toyota Prius is bolder, less anonymous, with several crisp exotic designs and angles, and adding to its beauty are those amazing boomerang lights, which is a specialty of Toyota, not only this, but it comprises several other beautiful and strong lights. Though these lights are not that attractive, but they are not that boring at least and provides the car with a suitable lighting.

There are basically two basic versions of the Toots Prius 2016 which are Green and Blue, The base hybrid Toyota Prius is depicted by the Green one whereas the Blue one resembles the plug in variant. The Blue comprises a different font clip too, comprising a horizontal treatment of headlight, with a unique bumper font assemblage that has an exotic black color contrasting theme. Well, in our opinion, the blue version looks more conventional in design and look and is considered to be the better among the two.

Well you might not know about this, but internally there has been made few alleged alterations additionally. Its weight has been reduced to 2821 lbs., because one of the glass window panel of the tailgate was replaced with the acrylic one. Though the engine used in it is not that different, it has some powerful specification such as 1.8 liter DOHC VVT-i with a horsepower of 105.

So, let’s leave aside this clumsy translation of matters, the Toyota Prius more or fewer appeals like a hybrid design that has the capability of making a horsepower of around 150, and according to the gas mileage ratings of Japan, it is shown that there is an increase of approx. 3km per liter. Which shown an improvement of around 7.5% to 8%, so if the current version of US Prius gets up to 50 MPG, then we can probably expect 53-54 MPG from the upcoming version. Aren’t these numbers looking good? Oh yes, especially when you are considering the latest Toyota Prius’s horse power which stands right at 134 HP.

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