Toyota i-Road a 3-wheeler all electric eco-friendly vehicle

With the increasing population worldwide and due to that Americans are moving towards different cities making it crowded, Toyota believes and predicted that it has discovered a vehicle for the near future keeping the increasing population as a keyword. The Toyota i-Road is an electric vehicle which has three wheels and a strong rear steering, making it a personal mobility vehicle, which was showed off at the famous festival of ideas in Aspen, which got over the last weekend in Colorado. Well talking about some features about the I-Road, it is small, gets grounded easily and you would face no problems, anywhere while parking it. Since it runs on electric power, so it is an eco-friendly vehicle and thus good for the environment. So now for the near future this vehicle will just be the best option exclaimed by Toyota Business development manager of North America Mr. Jason Schulz.

Well, Toyota’s i-Road can stand because it combines steering controlling the back wheel with an ability to make lean on turns of the rear wheels, recorded from a driving perspective. The CNBC reporter perspectives says that a drive would feel like riding a motorcycle more than driving a car, it feels more or less like flying a jet ski over land as it is fast. I-Road is quiet fast and when it comes to speed of this little car, it runs a top speed of 35 miles per hour, but you know what! It is more fun while driving it when compared to a golf cart.

There have been real commercial aspirations for this new vehicle by Toyota. Now in Japan, France and Grenoble it is being tested for the car sharing programs. The company have started approaching to the parking decks operators and parking lots within the last 30 days for making suitable room for this narrow as well as short vehicles, this is a strategy that company has undertaken to make use of its unused space as well as to monetize it well

The business development manager, Mr. Schulz refused to disclose about the i-Road stocks availability in the U.S markets, however, business conversations have begun between the other vehicle selling agencies based in California and Texas. From an initial standpoint, the company believes that there would be no use of helmets while driving i-Road car because of its all-electric status and other traits which are not similar to a motorcycle, thus these features of it can make the people avoid putting on helmets while driving it.

Now the i-Road vehicle has turned out to be a part of urban life. In the urbanized regions of Japan a scrutinizing survey was taken, mainly it was done in Tokyo and Kanagawa. For the publicity and promotion of the vehicle, Toyota offered 10 i-Road vehicles to various members of the public society and other specialists in other different sectors, and they were asked to leave a feedback after taking a wonderful drive, basically about its functioning, speed and other stuff.

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