New Toyota Corolla Altis – what’s new?

One of Indian-Japan Collaborated car manufacturers Toyota is now set with its new product the all new Toyota Corolla Altis. The new Corolla Altis could be referred to as one of the best models manufactured for India by a Japanese manufacturer. The Corolla Altis is an extension of the old Toyota Corolla which was one of a good seller in the market. The Corolla Altis is segmented in the sedan model cars. The Corolla is not only a car but it stands for its luxury with remarkable features and glimpses. The Toyota Corolla Altis is a right luxury item for the business class customers that enable the Indian executive class get attracted towards the model. The Corolla Altis sets a good performance on road that has awesome presence at the sight. Toyota Corolla marked itself to be a blend of genius performance and gorgeous styling.


The actual concept of the manufacture of the Corolla started with its name that meant crown in Latin. The new Toyota Corolla Altis is definitely a competitor to many at its segment like the Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cruze, Skoda Laura and many more. At the beginning when the Corolla was all set to be marketed and to be at sale the result was very astonishing, underlining the present market the Corolla sales has recorded a huge development and surprisingly the sales had beaten even the VW Beetle. The new Corolla had its debut model in India in 2003 which also gave a rising hopes in the market reviews.

The very good to convey about the Corolla is that the car is well available in two variants that is petrol and diesel versions. The new Corolla Altis is a petrol variant which comes with 1.8L dual variable valve timing with intelligence Technology. The power of the car can be marked as 140bhp engine that produces a max power torque of 173Nm @ 4000rpm. The car goes with a 6-speed manual transmission with overall base measurements as 4540x1760x1480 with a wheel base of 2600mm which a total ground of 175mm. The engine type of the new Corolla Altis is set with 2ZR-Fe engine Gasoline variant and 4 cylinder inline. The valve train goes with 16 valve dual variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i) that gives the entire body a displacement of 1798cc.

The interior of the car is too elegant and smart with hood space and gorgeous styling which glimpses over the ride the car. The Corolla scores a high performance on the safety ride. The Corolla is set with a Low-Pace ride assurance to the driver. That definitely ensures a grand safety to the overall safety to the passengers.

The all new Altis set with a good handle space and ensures available drivers space. And also the legroom and headroom are more than sufficient for a comfortable ride of the passengers. The Corolla is well equipped with all latest available equipments. The Corolla gets Airbags at its front and auto dimming mirror for the safety of the driver.

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