Monday, 1 October 2012

Toyota Etios versus Chevrolet Aveo


Toyota motors have launched a sedan model for the Indian roads. Toyota is confident in its new product, the new Toyota Etios. Etios has been designed for a sedan class car with an affordable price line for the customers. The new Toyota Etios is a compact sedan completely packed with all the available and upgraded functionalities. The design of the car looks like a hatch-back but reveals a sedan design for the peepers. The outfit of the car is compact. The front fascia of the car is compact and sharp. The upper and lower grille and the headlamps of the car mark the face of the car attain a sharp outlook. The rear box of the Etios is very unique. The tailing of the car is in a triangular shape. The upper grille is given in the chrome finish while the lower grille is in the black finishing. The car is provided with a powerful 2NR-FE, 4 cylinders 16 valve DOHC petrol engine with a displacement of 1364cc and built up to smoke out a power of 90Ps @ a maximum power of 5600rpm and the peak torque is figured out to be 132Nm @ 3000rpm. The engine is equipped with a dual camshaft technology used in Fortuner and powered with 4 valves per cylinder that ensures an increased power and increased torque with a high fuel efficiency. The car models out 5 versions for the Etios and priced @ rs5, 41,858-rs8, 36,578. The car could be considered to be as the best economic car in sedan model cars of the kind.


Chevrolet India has been figuring out a considerable outflow for the auto market in India and Aveo can be considered to be as a car that enables the Chevrolet India to make the market to turn into their favor. General Motors have launched the Aveo in two variants of petrol and CNG. The car is bi-fuel sedan equipped with a full sized petrol tank. The design and styling of the Indian Chevrolet Aveo is based on the Daewoo Kalos. The VGIS system stands for variable geometry intake system used in the model of the car makes clear variations to the intake manifold length and geometry and the system makes sure that the engine has optimum intake and exhaust back-pressure which the Aveo more torque and very torque. Chevrolet Aveo is available in 4 models with 3 of the models in petrol variant and a CNG variant model. The car works out in two engine variations. One of the engine options uses a 1.4 Liter with a 1399cc displacement engine and uses a MPFI (multi power fuel injection) technology and produces a peak power of 94Ps @ 6200rpm and a maximum torque of 127Nm @ 3400rpm and that delivers a mileage of 13.2 kmpl. The other variant uses a 1.6Liter engine with 1598cc engine and 16 valve 4 cylinders that deliver a maximum power output of 102Ps @ 5800rpm and a torque of 149Nm @ 4000rpm. The CNG variant uses a 1399cc engine with 92Ps power and 127Nm torque with an average mileage of 11.5kmpl.

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