Toyota Camry versus Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Motors, from Japan and Hyundai Motors are two globally renowned Moto giants, and have reserved an excellent contribution to the automobile industry ever since their setup. The models Camry and Elantra from Toyota and Hyundai respectively are the top notch rivals in the higher sedan segment, and have set a bar as for performance, looks and what not. Hyundai is known for brilliant designs, build whereas Toyota has always focused on better performance. The head to head competition between these two sedans can be overviewed in terms of exteriors, interiors, performance and other specifications.


Falling in the same segment of high end pricing i.e. Rs. 20-25 lakh (depending on variant), both operate on six speed manual transmission system, with optional automatic feature in higher variants. Camry is available in 2.5 L base engine, whereas Elantra in 1.8 L engine. Hyundai Elantra City exhibits a mileage offering of an average thirty kmpl, somewhat same as that of Camry. Considering dimensions, Elantra is quite slimmer than Camry, making it easier to fit in places. Mechanically, Camry is 189/58/72 inches and Elantra is dimensioned 178/56/70 inches.


Though both exhibit stunning and classy exteriors, they vary in terms of particular specs. Both comply with the expected features of all season tires, Power glass sunroof and alluring design. Camry has steel wheels and Elantra shows steel wheels. As far as interiors are concerned, Camry sure carries an edge over Elantra considering cabin space and enhanced legroom and headroom. Camry also has unique Power seats for an addition to convenience. Both have fine fabric upholstery, ample boot space, storage spaces with foldable rear seats and comfortable seats. Section where Elantra leads is the utility field, as it offers more generous basic warranty, though Camry requires fewer visits to the service station and has lower maintenance costs.


Talking of miscellaneous features, Elantra lacks a better high speed drive experience owing to less torque that doesn’t let feel powerful control and handling; whereas Camry has an excellent range. At the same time, Elantra is far easy to maneuver; all thanks to its smaller turning radius. Elantra is comparatively slower because of lesser horsepower. Both have a decent sound system with steering mounted controls, and an efficient Air conditioning system with distributed vents. Common missing things are lack of a proper navigation system, entertainment system and satellite radio. Rather common specifications like Power steering, power windows, defogger, keyless entry etc. are to be expected in both the sedans. Both come loaded with standard safety features with front disk brakes, rear disk brakes and loaded ABS system that makes handling effective. Dual SRS airbags, Engine check warning and immobiliser are available in both the sedans.


Having excellent ownership track record, both appear to be good deals depending on the subjective opinions. Overall the pros of Camry are its Better air conditioning system, more airbags, spacious backseats and fantastic range; whereas factors favoring Elantra are Better warranty, fuel efficiency and enhanced city ride. Happy driving!

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