Etios Liva 1.5 Sportivo is branded one of the upcoming best sellers in the hatchback segment in India

Toyota has an interesting new arrival in the pipeline, the Etios Liva Sportivo is claimed to be one of the soon to be launched best selling hatchbacks in India. This car will have to compete with other new arrivals such as Fiat Punto Abarth and Volkswagen Polo GT TSI. If the Etios has to compete with the Abarth and Polo, let’s overview the features of these models to observe the stiff competition Toyota has with the Sportivo.

2013 Toyota Etios Liva TRD Sportivo front

The exterior of the Polo GT is simple without any artistic work to ideally represent a sporty hatchback. There have been a few changes like GT logos fitted in the front grille, new classy alloy wheels, new rear spoiler and C-pillar. The engine is an efficient 1.2 liter petrol engine embedded with 4 cylinder direct injection technology. Sources claim the drive quality of this car to be marvelous to the level of other powerful hatchbacks released on the roads. The engine efficiency is dynamic at 104 Bhp and 170Nm torque. This is the first time; a hatchback will record impressive torque figures. The mileage is admirable too at 18 kilometers per liter attached to a 7 speed gearbox with automatic transmission. The drive quality is known to be splendid and the interiors are designed with super comfy fitments.

The Fiat Punto Abarth is another amazing hatchback that delivers an ideal sporty experience. The car is fitted with a powerful 1.4 litre Turbojet engine with an amazing acceleration capacity of 0 to 100 kilometers per litre in only 7.5 seconds. The energy output is supreme at 180 Bhp. The Punto Abarth is designed with a ground breaking feature called Torque Transfer Control attached to a 6 speed manual transmission. To the amazement of car fans, the test images of this car was spotted in many areas, for those interested, it will be an interesting adventure to hunt for the spy image of this car. There has been no information on this car being delivered in the Completely Built Unit (CBU) make.

A sporty make of the Etios Liva by Toyota is not a new concept; a sporty version of this car was launched earlier but with only facial modifications. The company has now introduced a new Liva Sportivo TRD with a new engine and exterior amendments. The car will be incorporated with a powerful 1.5 liter petrol engine that churns impressive efficiencies of 89 Bhp. The power to weight ratio is 96.2 Bhp and 925 kg of Kerb volume. The acceleration capacity is excellent at 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 11.88 seconds. Even the lower end torque figure is admirable.

The Liva Sportivo TRD has stiff competition under its belt; the fuel capacity is higher than the other models. For sporty fans this is an ideal car with its sporty image splashed all over the car. The Liva has been extremely popular on Indian roads, the remake of this car with sporty enhancements along with dynamic power train and marvelous energy outputs, will give other hatchbacks a run for its money.

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