A Journey into the luxury car Toyota Camry

Camry has created massive profits for Toyota since its launch. The Camry is appreciated for its perfect luxury image and is termed an ideal car for white collar demographic. The name Camry is derived from the Japanese term Kanmuri which indicates Crown. The car is rolled out by the reputed Indian subsidiary, Toyota Kirloskar Motor. The earlier model was delivered in the form of Completely Built Units; the car is now built and produced at the established Toyota factory in Bangalore to enable a budgeted car through Completely Built Units (CBU). The car has cut throat competition with Skoda Superb, Honda Accord and Volkswagen Jetta. Anyone who owns the Camry can boast of the car since it is branded the second best seller and is fitted in the ideal dream car segment. The competition is robust with its other luxury counterparts such as Beemer or Mercedes. Camry is an ideal plush car to match up to the taste of the rapidly growing desires of the public towards luxury cars.

The car is inserted with a powerful 2.5 liter petrol engine that churns impressive efficiencies of 233Nm and 178.5 Bhp designed with variable valve timing intelligent technology. The engine is known to be supreme considering the power to weight ratio. The dynamic engine is fitted with intelligent electronic control system with flexible gearshift ratios by just controlling the throttle valve. The engine is devoid of even the slightest feel of vibration attached to a 6 speed automatic gearbox. The safety features are excellent with rear and front crushing zone impacts. There are airbags in the passenger and driver’s seat along with seat belts. The brake devise is mounted with air discs with vents for rotors in front and rear which aides in smooth driving with minimal pressure. The other beneficial safety features are Key Less Entry and Engine Immobilizer.

The interiors are designed to create a perfect plush atmosphere, the ride quality is excellent. The interesting interior features are automatic climate control, audio system with CD changers. There are skin colored retractable rear view mirrors and skin colored side protective moldings to prevent scratches. To heighten the classy and sophisticated image of the car the exterior is mounted with 16 inch alloy wheels.
The Camry has jam packed features of an ideal luxury car; the car sports the perfect luxury image and would ideally suit highly qualified professionals in trendy attires. The safety features strengthens the posh image of the car, for those who own the Camry, the drive experience is pleasurable, and there can’t be anything better than a splendid drive experience without having to worry too much about safety. The overall build of the car is extremely professional and is the work of a brilliant engineering and artistic mind. The car is priced at Rs 24.51 lakhs which one purchased at one shot will provide lifelong safety benefits that might cost much more. The vibration free engine is an exemplary feature which eases the pressure of the driver.

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