Toyota to flaunt its FCV at the 2014 CES

The one upcoming car from the house of Toyota that is always in the limelight is the Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car. This ultimate green car in the making is also going to be the center of attraction at the 2014 CES that will exhibit the Japanese auto giant’s research to work into its way to a clean mobility system.

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While at the upcoming 2014 CES, the other global car makers will focus on displaying the hyped autonomous car technologies, Toyota being the automotive leader in the world and the green car pioneer will be taking a different path. The Japanese auto major will be utilizing the platform of the CES to flaunt its very important Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car in order to draw more attention on it.

The Fuel cell vehicles are said to be the future of the mobility system and going to bring about an absolute green revolution in the global auto industry. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars are the most efficient green car ever, as they offer the power and performance of a conventional fuel powered car and a far better mileage as well. These futuristic green vehicles do not have the restriction of range or the hassle of recharging of the battery powered Electric vehicles. The Fuel Cell cars can be refueled in minutes and offer close to 500 km on a full tank. The Fuel cell technology combines the power of pure hydrogen with oxygen to create electricity and the bi-product water becomes the only emission of the vehicles.

Several global car makers have been working on the fuel cell technology a decade back, but the incredible development costs, lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure posed as big hindrances, and the battery EVs stole the show.

However, things are different now, as the car makers including Toyota says that the fuel cell vehicles, which are also electric cars that replaces the batteries with hydrogen tanks, will become cheaper than the battery EVs over time. Toyota’s FCV concept car will showcase at the 2014 CES how it can cover about more than 500km and take merely 3 minutes to refill its tanks.

Toyota will be revealing a lot more information about its FCV concept car at the show. The company will also stress on the fact that is going to put this ultimate green challenger on the roads by 2015. Toyota is very confident about the fact that similar to its Prius Hybrid, which was mocked at one and now celebrated all over the world its FCV car will also create a niche for itself in the global car industry.

Toyota’s Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car looks very unique and futuristic. The brilliant Blue colored Hydrogen powered sedan conveys the shape of a water drop and has flowing lines all over, and attracted the visitor’s gaze at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

If Toyota’s prediction comes true, then this FCV is the world’s favorite next Prius in the making.

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