Toyota aims to enhance the 2013 Altis model of Corolla in accordance with JS versions

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An interesting fact about the 2013 make of the classy and powerful Corolla Altis is the car will be designed on the JS versions manufactured by the Indian subsidiary called Toyota Kirloskar Motor in diesel and petrol versions. Some of the interesting fitments are USB amenities, dual airbags, and world class touch screen systems. Ardent car fans have announced that the car will be attached to a 6 speed gearbox of manual make, the petrol version will cost Rs 11.7 lakhs and Rs 13.16 lakhs for the diesel model.

The engine fitment is designed with advanced innovations in engineering technology with turbocharger of variable geometry make and dominant 1.4 liters D4D turbo diesel power train that has the capacity to churn impressive energy efficiencies with the highest maneuvering 205 Nm torque and brake horse power of 90. The petrol power train will be equipped with a powerful engine as well embedded with 1.8 liters VVT technology that can churn stunning energy outputs of 173 Nm peak torque and 138 Bhp attached to 6 speed gearbox of manual build.

The diesel make of the splendid Corolla Altis has generated heaps of profits when compared to the present model. The new car is likely to battle with Chevrolet Cruze, Skoda Laura along with the JS Corolla Altis model. The new JS model of Altis will be rolled out at a lower price bracket than the present model and will be designed with spectacular features to cater to the aspiring luxury demographic as mentioned earlier such as dual airbags, USB facilities, and touch screen system.

The Altis is designed with heightened improved features compared to the original Corolla. The impressively designed Altis is embedded with neat free flowing curves which resembles redefined modern carvings. The front is identical to the classy Camry model which emits the design of the posh Camry all over. The overall design is a three box; the supreme style quotient is contributed by the C and A pillar which passes to the boot and hood.

The exterior is splashed with a new neatly carved front grille that is sculpted in the form of a honey comb along with the D4D logo inserted at the back. Even the dash is designed with the perfect elegance language with a refined matt silver finish along with a professional wood and grey finish in the center console.

The interiors are designed to offer a posh and comfortable drive experience; there is an instrument cluster, tachometer. The dials are tailored to deliver heightened visibility and readability. For those with short or long sighted visions, there is an intensity monitor. There is an audio devise with a quality make of six disc modifier that can record mp3 files. There are vents to fit in newspapers, bottle, and snack items and so on. The other interesting features are steering mounted controls, and sun visor on the most loaded manual and automatic versions.

The Corolla Altis is one of the most dominant figures in the luxury car segment, and if the new model is sculpted in accordance with JS variants, then the style quotient will increase to new levels.

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