Toyota recalls more than 2,000 Highlander cars of 2013 make

Toyota is the world’s most selling car manufacturing company and its vehicles are very naturally considered to be of superior make. According to Toyota it does not focus on being the no. 1 car maker in the world but constantly endeavors to focus diligently in creating each of its cars with high quality, performance and reliability. However, being the largest car maker in the globe is not really easy and Toyota is facing this challenge. The company’s cars are fast selling and spread all over the world and the Japanese car maker is striving hard to curb all sorts of quality issues. Of late Toyota has been continuously in the news because of its global recalls that is becoming kind of synonymous with the company’s brand name. From the very much acclaimed Toyota Corolla to the Prius hybrid to the highlander, Toyota has been announcing global recalls to fix various issues of its vehicles. This is definitely not very good for the company’s brand value; but it is good to mention that being the automotive leader the Japanese auto giant is ensuring to fix all the problems that might go otherwise unnoticed.

2013 Toyota Highlander

The latest in Toyota’s recall line is the announcement from GAC-Toyota, which is a joint venture between Guangzhou Automobile Group and Toyota Motor Corporation. The company’s quality supervisor in China said that GAC-Toyota will have to recall around 2,097 Highlander vehicles to fix the defective air bags in the cars.

The recall is for only those Highlander cars that were manufactured between the short period of 20th to 29th of May, 2013. During a quality supervision session, a defect was detected in the assembled inflator and the diffuser in curtain shield air bags that may cause inadequate inflation and thus the recall. GAC-Toyota will check and replace the faulty parts free of cost.

Just very recently Toyota made an announcement of a global recall because of a faulty braking system in some of the company’s Prius and Lexus hybrid cars that were produced four years back. The Japanese car giant said that it will have to recall 242,000 hybrid vehicles across the globe because of a braking system issue.

The affected Toyota Prius and Lexus hybrid cars that were produced between March and October, 2009 will be soon recalled by the company to fix the mentioned issue, again albeit free of cost.

The previous issue of airbags that made Toyota to recall its cars globally was with the competent and popular sedan Corolla. Toyota needed to fix the issue in a particular batch of Corolla that was fitted with airbags that would inflate abnormally in case of a road accident and thus would not provide enough protection.

This continuous problem with the various safety features of Toyota cars are primarily because of the faulty accessories supplied by the company’s suppliers. Toyota is definitely trying hard to fix any problem as soon as it detects them and fixes the issues as soon as possible through its dealership networks.

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