Toyota to recall around 700,000 minivans

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Toyota has always built cars to comfort consumers to no end with its quality models built with essential elements of luxury, technology and style. Recall of vehicles is also reflective of a company’s initiative to rectify measures to satisfy consumers. Even when cars have been put under rigorous tests in terms of safety examinations, and crash tests, there are chances of car parts being non-functional.

Toyota aims to correct defective gear shift components in its Sienna model and will bring back 70,000 pieces in North American markets. The shift lever is believed to have slipped out, and this could make room for roll always. This has led to twenty one small accidents and around two injuries. There was major property damage as well, the victims suffered small bruises.

The main reason for recall is a defective gear shift which actually rolled out of its apparatus. The entire apparatus is protected by a shift lever, which usually prevents vehicles from rolling back unless the brakes are non-functional. Toyota however realized that the lock must have been damaged and is now requesting customers to bring their cars to the company’s service stations to repair worn out parts.

Most of the recall was from the US which is around 615,000 vehicles, the recall figure from Mexico and Canada are 23,000 and 56,000 and around 300 recalls are for German consumers. The Sienna models recalled were those manufactured in 2009, 2008, and also 2005 and 2004.

According to the company, the shift lock defect is the electrical equipment of the car, if this is non-functional then there are chances that shift lever has slipped out of the pack, if when the brake pedal was pushed upward, and this has enabled the vehicle to roll back. Once the cars are brought to dealers, the gear shift will be fixed with fresh solenoids which are circular coils. With this corrective measure there is no room for future gear shift defects.

This is an excellent move by Toyota to bring back Sienna models to correct gear shift defects. The gear shift has actually fallen off from the apparatus, and this has resulted in roll overs. Although consumers did not suffer major accidents or injuries, the defect is still a serious one, and the aftershock effects will be etched in their minds for a long time. When this defect is fixed, the shock levels faced by customers will be so high that they would take months to get over the shock and drive their cars with confidence.

The Sienna sports classy and sophisticated exteriors and this is an ideal family car, built with world class safety features with airbags fitted on all 3 compartments. The other advanced safety features are daytime running lights, antilock brakes, electronic stability control, driver knee airbag, and one placed separately in lower instrument panel to avoid massive frontal accidents.

Those who are keen to purchase the Sienna, and unsure about whether to buy this car or not after reading about the gear shift defects, this is still a perfect family car to own. Customers can trust Toyota since it has always satisfied consumers. Now with the gear shift tied up with solenoid wires, there would be no chances of another roll back accident.

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