Toyota RAV4 grows like magic

Toyota cars are eminent all over the world, some of its quality models are Corolla, Fortuner, Tundra Etios etc. The company has a vehicle for every activity from driving short distances to unbearably long ones. The RAV4 is a popular recreation car, and is a common sight in movies. The new model is bigger than its predecessor and sources have used the phrase ‘Miracle Grow’.

RAV4 is a global profit player; the fourth-generation car complements its progression symbol. The car is actually miles bigger than the current model, and car enthusiasts are amazed by this fact and have termed this to be a miracle. The new RAV4 sports bigger interiors, but Toyota has retained the professional image of the car, by reducing the height to match the appropriate dimension figures.

The company has increased the interior room, to create greater room, the seat dimension is reduced, and the leg room space is now luxuriously abundant. The first ever RAV4 car was obtained in the year 1994 and Toyota had introduced a dream land package with voluminous leg room that enables occupants to just sit back and relax. When too tired passengers can stretch their legs and encounter a heavenly atmosphere.

Passengers would certainly feel comfortable in RAV4, and drivers too can sit comfortably, with the drive equipment re-structured in a way that there is ample space to sit comfortably and drive. Driving a car might not be too comfortable during steep turns, but with RAV4 there is no room for stuffiness.

Driving a car on noisy jam packed traffic road is a herculean task; the new RAV4 is not just an enormously comfy vehicle for passengers. Drivers can feel the rhythm of luxury with a serene cabin area. The secret behind this is fitment of sound proof technology. Car enthusiasts who have test driven the car were extremely pleased with the 6 speed gearbox, and said that the drive experience was stunning, and unmatched.

The new RAV4 is not a perfect glider, but the gear handling apparatus is exceptionally smooth, especially for its huge engine dimension. The potent engine pumps out spectacular efficiencies, and is a product of exemplary automobile engine engineering technology.

An increase in cabin volume has resulted in boot capacity expansion; the new RAV4 is a noteworthy recreational purchase. For an astonishing piece of information, the boot area is increased by around 256 liters, and is now 1,167 liters.

For those who are planning to shift houses and have to transport heaps of luggages, the RAV4 is a good buy. The under seat luggage is convenient to tuck in hefty packages. The interior atmosphere is highly modernized sprinkled with premium leather material with a fair application of highly modernized carbon fibers and the dash portrays a top notch corporate appeal.

The new RAV4 is pretty impressive with respect to its eco-friendly characteristics, the carbon-dioxide emission levels are 127 grams per kilogram. The car is inserted with a fiery engine that pumps out 122bhp.

Those who are planning long distance family holidays, the RAV4 is a noteworthy purchase where bundles of luggage can be preserved at the back. The impressive under seat volume makes this ideal to carry bags of books and snacks.

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