The 2014 Toyota Corolla – A jewel of a new car

Toyota has made a big impression with its all-new 2014 Corolla. The iconic Corolla while retaining all its best qualities has become much better now with its larger and roomier avatar. What is all the more alluring is that, this all time star has emerged in its new gorgeous, head turning avatar to zip up the mouths of those who criticized the sedan as a plain Jane. The latest 11th generation Corolla with its bigger body, enhanced dynamics and fuel efficiency and an evolutionary design has thus become a jewel of a car.

2014 Toyota Corolla

Design wise the 2014 Corolla is a complete departure from conservative styling of its predecessor. The sedan now flaunts a far contemporary, stunning and bold styling outside and very interesting new dashboard in the cabin.

Apart from the new bolder and alluring looks, the 2014 Corolla offers great-enhanced space and comfort on the inside. The overall legroom in the front as well as the rear seats has considerably increased making it a perfect family sedan with more comfortable seating. When the sedan’s current dimensions are concerned, it has become 3 inches longer from the front end to the rear as compared against the preceding model. The new Corolla has got a bigger wheelbase as well which is about 3.9 inches larger now.

There’s more good news on the 2014 all new Corolla. Toyota has not only worked hard on the exterior design and the improved space of the sedan, but has also made it an overall better performer. The new Corolla uses the same powertrain that has done its duty in the previous generation model. However, the company has tweaked the mechanical specifications to provide an enhanced suspension and an increased fuel efficiency to make the sedan an all rounder new car. The new Corolla also feels better when the overall driving experience is concerned.

As the all new Corolla is supposed to reinforce its precious branding for its Japanese maker, the car also comes along with a bevy of world class features to leave the consumers completely enthralled.

The 2014 Corolla’s base model comes braced with 8 air bags, tilt adjustable telescoping steering wheel, climate control, hands-free phone capability, integrated music system, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity and many more. Moreover, it gets very good exterior features including the low-beam projector headlights that comes as standard across all the model trims of 2014 Corolla, and the light-producing diodes that are not found in the  sedans of its own class. The higher trims obviously come along with their own bells and whistles as added luxury. Thus, the new Corolla comes with features packed to its hilt, while providing superior style, space and performance.

The cherry on the cake of the 2014 Corolla comes with its highest five star crash tests rating by the U.S government, while it is recommended new car by Consumer Reports magazine. The sedan was rated much higher than expected in the reliability field.

Thus, the all-new Corolla is the new star churned out by Toyota.

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