RAV4 emerges victorious from nowhere in 2014 August

Toyota has always been a highly esteemed brand since inception way back in 1930’s. The company has explored all possible car genres, from luxury sedans to power packed SUV’s. The popular RAV4 has been conferred with the highest ratings in SUV market. Toyota stalled the production of Camry for a month, and this has paved way for RAV4 to reach the top.

2014 Toyota Rav4

In 2014 July, Toyota sold 26,779 RAV4 cars, sufficient to make the second best selling utility car. Making it to the second position was just not enough, in 2014 August; the company sold 35,614 RAV4 cars. On comparing July and August months the variation is vast, also RAV4 is ahead of two blockbusters Ford Escape and Honda CR-V by 6618 and 1535 units respectively. CR-V recorded a 2% sale dip.

During the initial eight months of 2014, RAV4 was not where on top; it was behind CR-V by 38,000 units and Escape by over 29,000 units. Sales of Chevrolet Equinox the fourth top selling product slipped by 15%, its profit impact was higher than RAV4 by 11,806 units and a year ago it was 25,000 units ahead of RAV4.

RAV4 has moves to great heights from a dim position; the vehicle recorded a 52% improvement in August with the sale of 35,614 pieces on year-over-year result basis. The profit outcome picked up as time passed by in May, June and July. Toyota was on top of its game with the car in months of January, February and March 2013.

The sale outcome of RAV4 picked up in the past couple of years, with milestone driven profits. Toyota sold 218,249 units in 2013, around the same time its arch rival Chevrolet Equinox reached peak heights, CR-V and Escape also made magnificent profits around that time. RAV4, Escape and CR-V are vested with the potential to glide through aster profits in 2014.

As mentioned earlier Toyota is a brand of great prestige, apart from RAV4, Lexus (RX, GX460s and LX570), Venzas cars also contributed marvellous profits in 2014 August with 14,316 and 2793 units respectively. Lexus RX has been on the best-selling chars for a while, in the past eight months Acura MDX contributed over 81%, and RX yielded 50% profits.

RAV4 has churned victorious profits from being in a soup, how it climbed to the top remains a mystery despite detailed description provided. SUV’s offer a unique mode of adventure and RAV4 sports a classic SUV demeanour. On the front is a neat headlight and grille arrangement filled with rugged sporty character. There is an arty strip of arch above the wheels and the roof rails enhanced the sporty aesthetic character of the vehicle.

RAV4 has style and power, and perfect for a thrilling off-road journey, for those keen to buy the car it is a noteworthy purchase to soak in everlasting memorable moments with family and friends. RAV4 is not popular in India; it will surely be a thriller if launched, because the Indian market is filled with amazing range of SUV’s.

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