Toyota launches TTEP program to expand economic growth in rural sectors

The car industry in India is booming, evident with the incredible range of diversity. The market has hatchbacks, sedans, compact sedans, sport utility vehicles and multipurpose vehicles. The power of Indian engineering minds is recognized all over the globe.

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Despite a strong presence of innovative architecture and engineering technology in India, it is mostly only the urban section of the population that is benefited; there is a vast economic gap between the rich and poor. To cater to the desires of rural demographic, the Karnataka government has partnered with Toyota   Motor Corporation to launch the (TTEP) Toyota Technical Education Program in colleges.

The parent Japanese based firm, Toyota Motor Corporation has signalled its Indian unit, Toyota Kirloskar Motor to launch TTEP. The vision behind the program is to equip students with all the essentials to get ready to competitively face the industrial world. The range of industrial and technical training institutes is recognized by Directorate of Technical Education, or a board that governs higher education.

TKM is keen to strengthen the quality of rural education in India and will introduce a 1 year certificate program lecture to polytechnic college students at Joida in Uttrara Kannada district. This year the program will have 49 students, and if proven successful their dream of working in Toyota will come true. After the completion of course the students will be provided with a certificate that will certify that they have the expertise and knowledge to function across industries.

Toyota Motor Corporation has been active in imparting education and training to the world. The company carries out programs on different elements of automobile engineering, and its goal is to cater to the needs of students residing in different parts of the globe.  Polytechnic College is the second of its kind that will receive extensive industry based training under TTEP; there was a rural strengthening program in 2013 in Government CPC Polytechnic college in Mysore. The program has benefited students on a large scale, to an extent that they have become leaders in their respective fields.

Toyota is a global leader that recognized the intellectual capabilities of Indian minds. The TTEP movement is initiated by the company with the initiative to improve the employment rate of rural students through the impartation of world class knowledge. The firm has till now been dynamic in 14 Indian states and has trained more than 3,000 students, and those who have passed out are the key driving forces to their respective companies.

The Department of Technical Education has alerted various urban developed industries inclusive of software biggie Microsoft to teach the essentials of computer education to rural India. The institution has also partnered with (IIT) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay to offer rigorous online training on English language skills.

Toyota Motor Corporation certainly views the efficiency of Indian minds at a global level through the launch of TTEP program. The development of rural segment in India is not on par with urban expansion. Majority of the rural population is poor, and their access to education is minimal. Despite the shortcomings and lack of opportunities Toyota Motor Corporation continues to have firm faith in the knowledge imbibing power of rural demographic.

The launch of TTEP program is a step towards the improvement of economic growth in India.

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