The first driving school introduced in Kochi called Toyota Driving School

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is a renowned Indian unit of the established Japanese based automobile enterprise. The company has for years produced top quality cars, scattered around the luxury, van, sedan, cross and sport utility vehicle range. Besides being a pioneer in manufacturing first rate vehicles, the firm launched the first ever driving school in Kochi.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The newly established driving school is called (TDS) Toyota Driving School, and the selling punch line for the institution is deep-rooted safety mission. The organization will be managed by the company’s reputed service and dealership unit, Nippon Toyota. The school was inaugurated by the Managing Director and Chairman of Nippon, Babu Moopan, the Managing Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Naomi Ishii, and State Fisheries Minister Babu K.

Naomi Ishii addressed the gathering on the launch of the company’s first driving school and said, ‘’as we set to launch out pilot driving school, it is an important day for us, road safety is an issue that requires immediate consideration, and it is a great opportunity to adopt significant solutions through the construction of the first driving school.’’

The traffic management system in India is weak, and there is a handful of the population that adapts to efficient road safety. Reckless driving has become the norm, which should have otherwise been infrequent and punishable by law, like followed in organized first world countries.

Toyota’s mission behind the establishment of Toyota Driving School, is to ensure everyone has the right to feel safe, and the company gave a press statement saying, our goal is to not only build cars with high-tech safety, but also ensure skilled driving practices our adapted to the maximum with a viewpoint that driver’s absorb the essentials of safe riding practices.

There are so many driving schools in the country, but the knowledge of secure driving is rarely visible on the streets. Toyota’s approach to Toyota Driving School is varied, and the vision is to impart the knowledge of safe driving. Students will be exposed to extensive curriculum covering a diverse range of essential practical and theoretical topics.

Toyota is among the big contributors to the enormous market share volumes churned by the Indian automobile industry. The streets are filled with a diverse range of vehicles from simple makes to high-end luxury vehicles built by Indian subsidiary units of highly reputed international brands.

Step on the streets and we are exposed to grave dangers created by reckless drivers, the reckless driving is not only limited to cars, also busses, two and three wheelers. It is totally unnecessary, Toyota has initiated a fantastic move of introducing Toyota Driving School, and it is the need of the hour. Only when the reality of unruly driving practices is showcased to the public, the population will adhere to the rules. It is important to follow traffic signal regulations and drive on a single lane.

The launch of Toyota Driving School is certainly a step towards a vast change of stringent lane discipline. Years from now there would hopefully be stronger lane disciple and lesser room for unwanted accidents.

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