The innovative I-Road concept a perfect adventure for two occupants

So many new advancements have emerged in the automobile world, and the latest innovative trends involve green car technology and the concepts discovered are electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technology. The discovery of green vehicle technology is highly beneficial with regard to improved sustainability and reduced emissions, but what about a convenient mode of transport that facilitates smooth urban drive. Toyota has a solution for you, the i-Road concept.

The i-Road concept is different from other high-tech vehicles, it is a three wheeled electric vehicle and from the design architecture it could resemble a car and bike. Toyota has engineered the vehicle with an advanced ultra-compact design technique. The concept is called personal mobility vehicle, and two occupants can tuck in, and sources will be reminded of a typical racing car or bike, and the difference is the narrow architecture. It is 56.9 inches tall, 33.5 inches wide and 92.5 inches long and according to the company the car has a dimension similar to a bike.

How exciting would it be to sit inside the i-Road concept, and it will offer immense protection, it has a potent roof panel that offers protection under varied weather circumstances and acts as a safety barrier as well. Like any other ultra-space concept, i-Road is intensely technology packed, equipped with self righting gadgetry which comprises of geared actuator connected to front wheel suspension and Active Lean technology. The movement is monitored by software, and leaning degree is controlled by a computer system and ensures that the front wheels are firmly balanced. The movement of vehicle through corners is controlled by steering angle and gyroscope. The gyroscope also rectifies imperfections on linear movement.

An interesting point to note is the vehicle does not have handle bars, and in place of it is an artistically sculpted squircle steering. It is engineering with front wheel drive electric technology, the power is contributed by a highly efficient electric engine that churns 2.7bhp and moves on potent lithium ion battery. The entire charge process happens in just three hours.

Toyota’s favorable export destination is Europe and automobile companies all over the globe are developing new eco-friendly car theories and Toyota on the other hand has immersed into a new line of development with i-Road concept. The vision behind the construction is to cater to the needs of urban demographic. If it is cost-effective, it is a sort of vehicle that will benefit the mass population.

The i-Road concept is a great source of convenience and it can transport two occupants at a time. It is filled with technological advancements that offer incredible protection and safety; it will be interesting to observe to what extent the technology progresses. Europe is renowned for being an automobile technology hub and it is certainly a promising destination.

If Toyota decides to introduce i-Road concept in India, then it will work in favor of the population, and it will probably be a suitable travel alternative to three wheelers. The only concern would the lack of infrastructure.

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