2016 Prius has a new design, is it going to create a new benchmark in the luxury car market

The 2016 Prius, the fourth-generation gasoline-electric hybrid model is a sensation all over the globe, the car has a completely new design, different from its previous generations. The car is engineered on an all new Toyota New Global Architecture platform. It is interesting to read about the 2016 Prius with a completely new design, now how different is this car, and what makes it new, let us find out.

The 2016 Prius still looks super beautiful, if you observe the car closely and compare it to the previous-generations, you will notice minor changes. This car runs on a Mirai fuel cell vehicle, and the effect of new Global Architecture platform has resulted in tighter chassis stiffness and it makes the vehicle look sportier.

Sources say it is easy to spot the design difference between the fourth-generation and previous cars. The front portion looks extremely aggressive compared to its predecessors, and you will notice side accents as well on doors, and here the arrangement is unruly, where one accent is on the lower part of the doors and the other on the higher side. The rear too looks different, and sources say the styling is not as splendid as previous generations, and it adds more of a mundane effect to the car.

There are modifications on the interior as well, and there is abundant cabin room, offering a greater amount of space compared to previous cars. The position of the B-pillar has been shifted to offer a greater view from the window of rear passenger segment. The quality of equipment is first-rate, and the dashboard is positioned in the same place on center of dashboard beneath the windshield.

Another new feature you will notice is the presence of a couple of 4.2-inch LED screens, and people with first-hand experience with the fourth-generation Prius say, it was a good encounter to sit inside and explore the 4.2-inch LED screens. When you compare this visual experience with seven-inch center touchscreen, it was a stunning moment, and it seems like you are living in a world of colors. Also Toyota has inserted white plastic on the middle portion of console, and this might not sound too eye-catchy, and consumers will surely want something that looks modish and plush.

For years since the Prius first launched in the year 1997, it was considered to be a vehicle with a futuristic design. Now the latest product is the fourth-generation car, and it looks completely varied from the earlier models, and this time not in a more elegant manner, but the car appears to be more simple looking with no trace of sharper design cues. Many of us would wonder, why this has happened, the main reason for it could be the incorporation of Mirai fuel cell vehicle.

Although the fourth-generation Mirai is not better looking, it is more technologically advanced contributed by the fitment of Mirai fuel cell vehicle. Despite the changes the Prius still continues to be high-tech and desirable.

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