Toyota to release its awesome next-gen Supra sports car in 2018

Toyota is among the biggest pioneers in advanced car technology, visible on the Camry and Prius hybrid cars. The two cars are engineered with innovative design and engine technology, the company has gone ahead in the revolutionary sports car department as well, if you thought the Toyota GT86 is phenomenal then take a look at the next-gen Supra sports car, all set to release in 2018.

The styling of the next-gen Supra is awesome, it looks like a more advanced and bigger version of a typical sports car, and this time with cutting-edge design cues. The image of the car showcased on the web has a huge bonnet packed with leading-edge ridges, a professionally sculpted bumper that looks ultra-modern and headlights that blends with the contemporary design nature of the car. On the sides you will notice ridges that looks spectacular beyond anybody’s imagination.

The next-gen Supra is surely going to be among the most innovative cars to ever launch, it will be equipped with an electric, petrol and hybrid engine, now how awesome does this sound! Toyota along with BMW have been developing this car since the year 2012, and the good news is the car is in its finishing stages. The next-gen Supra looks extraordinarily one of a kind, and where does the design inspiration come from, the styling is inspired from FT 1 concept.

The next-gen Supra will have sporty and coupe car identities and will be positioned above the popular sports car GT86. With the exterior so stunning, how are the insides of the car going to look. The interior of the Toyota FT1 concept looks awesome, it appears to be amazingly sporty with grand brown leather stitching on the side door and steering wheel. The structure of the dashboard and center console is stunning and one can only imagine how fantastic it is going to be to drive the car. Currently the Supra is in initial stages of development, and it is being produced jointly by BMW and Toyota and sources say the car will undergo production in a single factory unit.

The whole world is excited by the next-gen Supra sports car, and for a long time, BMW and Toyota have been working on it, and now it will release on the streets in 2018. It sounds super-exciting indeed, and the image of the car on the web looks spectacular, and now one can only imagine how stunning the actual car is going to be.

The next-gen Supra sports car is a representation of futuristic design and technology, and now a hot debatable topic is, what is the advanced benefit of the car that makes it stand out. It is probably the fact that it will run on innovative electric, petrol and hybrid power-train. This car is going to be a marvelous solution towards a cleaner and greener environment, and sporty car enthusiasts will surely be excited to sit in it.

We will have to wait for a couple of years before the next-gen Supra car is launched, and it is surely all set to be one of the best futuristic inventions.

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