Toyota Etios sedan versus Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

The Etios car will cater to the basic needs of market that is highest standards of quality at competitive prices The Etios is mainly called the Entry Family Car.



This new car by Toyota has been designed in order to offer roomy interiors, innovative styling with superior ride comfort yet classy and great mileage at competitive prices. The Etios has been made with superior quality features and also advanced technology and superior quality features that have been developed by the company Toyota which is done by leveraging the world class innovation that the company Toyota is globally renowned for and which is specifically for India. This is a perfect blend of classy look and affordable luxury


This car has a 1.5l DOHC petrol engine with the delivery of 90 PS @5600 rpm. The car is very light as compared to other cars by Toyota and weighs 930 -kgs only and that this makes it the lightest in the segment when compared to the other small cars by other top companies. It is a perfect blend of local design sensibilities and unmatched global quality standards are integrated into this classy looking car Etios. Etios meaning Spirit and Principle Toyota intends to give to its customers all this will cater to the basic needs of this market – highest standards of quality at competitive prices.


This car is available indifferent colors like silver, celestial black, serene bluish silver. Maruti Suzuki new swift desire does not really have much difference from maruti Suzuki old swift desire but yes when it comes to mini scale difference.


They differ on the basis on exterior features and dimensions. The maruti company has cut cost of production by shortening the length of the car although selling price is less than Maruti swift desire.

The new maruti swift desire is much more powerful than the old one. A k-series engine is used in those models of Maruti Suzuki, which are petrol, which is 1.2 -litre K12 Petrol motors engine for a power of 86 Bat 6000 rpm, and a torque output of 114 Nm at 4000RPM is given. The key point that needs to be seen here is that Swift Dzire petrol was giving 84BHP of power and compact version is giving 86 BHP it should also be noted that this car has naturally aspirated air-charging system. Maruti Suzuki new swift desire wins the race when it comes to being a tough car both physically and performance wise. Although this car may not be one of maruti company’s best car but it is indeed better than Etios in terms of what people want and what people are ready to spend their money on.


Toyota etios doesn’t lack behind when it comes to winning the race in terms of looks as Toyota etios has a very classy look especially when you get such a look for a such less money as compared to other cars by Toyota. It is indeed a relief for the middle class family members.

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