Toyota Etios versus Mahindra Verito versus Fiat Linea engine comparison

Toyota, Mahindra and fiat these are the top brands in the automobiles and coins the models with perfection. Talking about the present, the three models of these brands are assumed to be in competition. Without any guesses, Toyota Etios, Mahindra Verito and Fiat Linea are on their way to racing track; the only question is who will win?


Talking about engines, firstly Toyota Etios is available in different variants in the Indian market. With 1364 cc, 68 PS diesel engines, it is powered by 2NR-FE and 4 cylinders 16V of DOHC petrol engine. The DOHC 1.5 petrol engine serves the maximum engine of 5600 rpm and builds the smoke out. The torque recoded in this model is 132Nm at the rate of 3000 rpm. This car ensures fuel efficiency with increased power and torque by dual camshaft and four valves with each cylinder. The electronic fuel injection system ensures lea power loss. The latest technologies involved in the manufacturing of the engine assist the best mileage which serves the best equipped performance even at the hard times faced by the model. The engine of the model is supported by molybdenum coating with standard pistons.


On the other hand, when assisting Mahindra Verito, it is available in two types of engine namely 1.4 L and 1.5 L along with its varying variants. The engine offers 5 speed manual transmissions with 1.4L petrol engine of 1390cc and 4 cylinders. The maximum power offered is 75Hp at 5500 rpm which ensures the smooth drive delivering the best performance. The torque on the other hand is served as 110 Nm at the rate of 3000 rpm. The next type of engine 1.5 L offers 5 speed manual transmission with 1461cc in 4 models. The power offered by 1.5 L is 65Hp at 4000rpm along with the torque of 160Nm at the rate of 2000 rpm. The overall performance by this model is extravaganza which coins the great level of gear in main city as well as highway.


Lastly but exceptionally not the least in the race is fiat Linea which offers two types of engines: 1.3L and 1.4L. 1.3L diesel engine offers 1248cc with 16 valve, DOHC. The maximum power measure by this model is 93PS at 4000 rpm and measures torque is attained at 209 Nm at the rate of 2000 rpm. The technology, variable geometry turbocharger ensures the better performance by the engine of the model in order to meet the smooth driving experience by the customers. 1.4L offers turbo charged petrol engine with 16 valve and 1368cc. the power at maximum is measured as 114PS at 5000rpm along with the torque of 207Nm at 2200rpm. This model offers 5 speed manual gearbox ensuring the smooth drive and performance. With turbocharged petrol engine, the model ensures the fighter jet type engine offering speed of 186 Kmph in just 11.14 seconds. This fue efficient car assists the highest level of satisfactions and comfort to all the values customers offering aluminum cylinder heads and spark plugs.

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