Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero engine comparison

Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero are both heavy and powerful SUVs which also has a great road presence. Toyota Fortuner has been for quite some time now and also Mitsubishi Pajero is not new to the Indian market. Toyota has done some changes to the new Fortuner SUV and made the Fortuner a more impressive package. The Mitsubishi has also not lagged behind. They also have completely changed the exteriors of the new 2012 Pajero and that new Pajero is also attracting many new customers towards it. The Fortuner has great looking exteriors along with comfortable interiors which can surely impress anybody it has a spacious interiors along with the comfortable seats and lots of head and leg room space. The Fortune has a good space at the rear of the SUV for storing luggage’s. The Mitsubishi does not lag behind in the looks and interior space it also has a comfortable interiors a powerful AC and a descent music system to impress everybody. The Pajero rear sets can be folded for more space beside the available boot space at the back just like the Fortuner. They both have a powerful engine and can be taken for heavy off roading because of their high ground clearance. Let’s get to know these SUVs engine in details now and find out more about them.


Toyota Fortuner has a 3.0L, 2982cc, diesel engine that generates 168 bhp of maximum power at 3600 rpm and 343 Nm torque at 1400-3400 rpm. The engine in the Fortuner is placed longitudinally and has a turbocharged engine which provides maximum power output and excellent fuel efficiency with it. The Fortuner can reach top speed of about 130km/h which is excellent keeping in mind the size of the SUV. The turbocharger and the intercooler keeps the performance level of the SUV intact by cooling the compressed air that comes directly from the turbochargers before it enters the Fortuner engine. The cooled air carries more oxygen with it, thus resulting in better combustion.


Mitsubishi Pajero is powered by a 2.5L diesel engine which has a displacement of about 2477cc The DOHC Common rail direct injection delivers a high-pressure fuel supply directly to the cylinders. The fuel injection is automatically controlled and resulting in better performance of the engine. It generates maximum power of 168 BHP and 343 Nm of maximum torque. Pajero is a powerful off roader and can reach 0-100 in just 15.5 seconds only. The better combustion gives Pajero the much needed power.

The company has both the 2 wheel drive as well as the 4 wheel drive in the SUV and it has been mated with a 4 speed automatic transmission. Both Toyota Fortuner and the Pajero are great performers in the highways and in off roads. The SUVs can be a bit hard to drive on the city roads because of the massive size. But surely attracts everyone by their looks and presence and a powerful engine.

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