Toyota LC 200 versus Audi Q7 versus Land Rover Discovery4 exterior comparison

In this battle between the international automobile giants to make the best SUV, Toyota, Audi and Land Rover (OF course) have been mostly at the helm of the market. Toyota have always been known to make good quality SUVs whether high end or low end like the Land Cruiser series or the recently launched Fortuner. Audi’s SUV portfolio includes the Q-series vehicles i.e. the Q3, the Q5 and the Q7 spread over a wide price range. The Q7 is the biggest and best of the lot. When it comes to SUVs, no one can afford to forget land rover. The name itself is synonymous to SUVs with the company making the best SUVs in the world since ages. We will take a look at the Discovery 4 from its catalogue.


The LC 200 is a big and bulky SUV with a dominating presence on the road. It looks ready to take on any terrain; the body is well defined with bold curves and body lines which give it a very commanding and dominating look. The car is extremely broad and tall with a great ground clearance. The hood is characteristically broad with the chrome Toyota grill upfront. The LC 200 measures 4950mm in length, 1970mm in width and stands at a height of 1910mm. The car has a great ground clearance of 225mm.


The Q7 is also a big and bulky SUV but, is very aerodynamically designed from head to toe. The Front is dominated by the 12 vertical chrome strips making the grille with the 4 intertwined rings of Audi as the crest. The LED head lamps add to the aerodynamic looks with the streamline lighting. The rear also has been oiled up keeping the aerodynamics in mind, with the back lights flowing to the sides. The lanky SUV comes with Sun and Moon roofs which make daily commute a pleasure inside the Audi. The Q-7 is 5,086mm long, 1,983mm wide and stands tall at a height of 1,737 mm. The car has an impressive ground clearance of 205mm making it capable to take on rough terrain easily.


The Discovery 4 is true land rover. It looks made for the run and to travel long distances. The car looks very sturdy, smooth and well built. It has god different grill from its previous versions which gives it a more bold appearance. The square head lamps with the round fog lamps attached to their corner indicates the car’s willingness to go into tough terrain. The rear is compactly built with a side opening door and an extra tyre mounted in the middle. The wheel arches and the air inlets on the sides add to the bold and stylish look of the discovery. The Discovery 4 is 4838mm in length, 2022mm in width and stands tall at a height of 1837mm.

All the 3 cars are extremely good looking, but the Discovery 4 with its jeep like appearance and sporty appeal has the best looks for an SUV.

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