Toyota LC 200 versus Mercedes Benz GL interior comparison

High end SUVs have started becoming very popular in the Indian market. High end businessmen, young or old like to travel in big and bulky cars. The sports factor never goes from a real car lover’s heart and is always inviting them towards it. SUVs provide a good way to this love because of their great comfort and luxury, alongside their ability to go to any terrain or place. The road presence of such SUVs is very amazing and hence acts as a status symbol for the owners. Another major factor is the level of comfort and luxury offered by such vehicles. They give the comfort of a luxurious sedan and the drive of a sports car.


The comfort inside the LC 200 is very good. The interiors are done with high quality leather and beige. Dual tone with amazing quality fit and finish. The big and lanky SUV has a 2+3+3 3-row seating arrangement. The front row is wide and spacious with extremely comfortable seats having great under thigh support and amazing cushioning. The dash board is tremendously constructed. It looks emphatic and large with great finishing. The central console is extremely entertaining and informative. It provides all the necessary information to the driver like the actual mileage, fuel efficiency, range, maps etc. Not only information, it is also the entertainment hub of the car as it provides access to the amazing audio system which is available with all the basic requirements like AUX and USB connectivity. A huge glove box in the dash and a cool box behind the gear console provide good storage space for all important materials and also for refreshments. The seats are very comfortable and can easily seat 3 passengers. The central cushion is a bit hard but the sides are very adjusting. The Middle row has their own controls for the ac and can control the cooling in their compartment. The sets can slide to and fro for the passage to the 3rd row. The third row is for 3 passengers but honestly only 2 people would prefer to sit in it for long journeys as it might get a bit cramped up. The third row also has its own roof mounted ac vents.


The Mercedes Benz GL is a very comfortable car. The interiors are quite spacious and absolutely contrasting to the outside rock solid look of the SUV. The car is extremely comfortable, soft and warm from the inside. The cabin is wrapped in high quality leather and great spring seats for maximum comfort. The cabin is brightened by a classy sun roof which makes the car feel even more big and open from the inside. The rear seats are also very comfortable and luxurious thanks to the unique 3-phase automatic climate control air conditioning system. A touch screen LCD on the dash is helpful for the driver as it provides good information like mileage, range and also maps to take you to your destination.

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