Review of the perfect family orientated car called Toyota Innova

The Innova is the perfect car for nuclear families, with its extremely roomy interiors. This car is a common sight on Indian roads, mainly because of its perfect family car image. This car is a replacement of the Qualis. The Innova is appreciated for its power packed engine performance, and comfort. This car was built in 2005 by Toyota Kirloskar Motor. Both petrol and diesel power trains are fitted in this car, the petrol engine is designed with the advanced and efficient Variable Valve Timing VVT-I technology.

In the most loaded models, the dash is designed with dual color combination with a classy matt polish on top. On the sides of central console, there are wooden fittings and supreme quality knobs and switches. The classy effect is enhanced by the light paint which is unique and rare. The interior room is known to be amazing with height adjustable seats fitted with world class upholstery. The head room stretches to almost sky level that even the tallest drivers can drive with ease. For an optimum luxurious atmosphere, there are holders to place bottles, newspapers and other items. The rare seats are comfortable too, and the split recline seats makes this car an ideal spot to enjoy family chats and games. The only thing missing is the electronically adjustable air-conditioner.

People would be familiar with the engine capacity of the Innova, considering its exterior frame dimension. The car is fitted with a powerful 2.5 litre super efficient engine of common rail turbo diesel. The smooth torque and power outputs are contributed by the minimal value of gear ratios. This mechanism enables smooth drive through the congested city traffic which is increasing by the day. Although the car offers a comfortable and smooth driving experience on city roads, the same is not the case on highways, the short gear ratios is an indication that the car will remain in the first gear itself which is not conducive for highways where the roads are rougher and narrower than city roads.

The exemplary ground clearance is contributed by the 4 link suspension system; the suspension in front is designed with double wishbone in the form of coil spring that elevates the pleasurable and soothing driving experience. The superior mileage and performance is due to the ground breaking engineering technology employed in the car’s design. The Innova is equipped with best-in-class safety features with the Load Sensing Proportion Valve (LSPV) to deliver dynamic braking capabilities. The other remarkable safety features are dual SRS airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), 3 point seatbelts, side door impacts and so on.

The car is rolled out at an initial price of Rs 9.6 lakhs which a worthy buy is considering its top quality features in terms of engine and safety. The interior room and comfort level is spectacular. This car is ideal to enjoy stunning long journey vacations with loads of eatables and games. The safety features are world class that even toddlers are protected on the event of harsh impacts.

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