Toyota ME.WE electric car concept is what the Earth needs

Toyota the world’s No.1 automaker has showcased a concept car in Paris, which shows that the cars that we run on the roads today are sheer luxury that none of us can really afford. The completely green car concept is called the ME.WE, and was designed by the Japanese car major in a partnership with the French architect/inventor Jean-Marie Massaud. This concept highlights the unnecessary wastage of resources and pollution that the cars round the world make. These sheer wasteful and harmful cars are only taking our present generation towards a future that is only darker than we think. Thus, Toyota terms the concept car an “anti-excess vehicle,” that is designed to go easy on the environment with its eco-friendly design and powered electricity. According to the world’s auto manufacturing leader, the ME.WE represents the actual future of commuting, which may give the impression that our present is a Golden age.

The designer Massaud describes the concept by saying that the real idea of the ME.WE was to create a car that can meet as many consumer demands as possible without dumping them into two tons of steel, leather and harmful carbon dioxide that snatches away much from the environment that is irreplaceable.

Massaud says “For me, the car is symbolic of an age” in which there is an abundance of things, in which everything is magnificent and we must realize that we are living outside of our real requirements.
With this idea in mind Toyota and Massaud together designed an aluminum framed mini vehicle that comes with wildly adaptable shapes. This amazing concept car can transform itself into a pickup or convertible with all its windows including its windshield could be lowered for air flow. Lithium-ion batteries will be powering this car, which will turn four electric motors in each wheel hub, which will provide the car a modicum of four-wheel-drive off-road capability. The concept car also uses all Eco-friendly and bio degradable things such as bamboo and recycled polypropylene plastic for its floor roof and body panels respectively. This restrictive usage of metal makes the ME.WE weigh just 1,653 lbs.

On the interior, the ME.WE features two bench seats and a bamboo made dashboard with a small screen and phone port. The rear bench can be taken out for loading luggage. According to Toyota’s renderings the ME.WE’s plastic panels that can double as crash padding represents play dough sculpting.

Toyota, which showcases this unique and bizarre future transport mode, is actually making a very ironical statement. The Japanese auto giant itself sells over 9 million, so called ‘excess’ new cars (as per the company’s own term) per year around the world. The company which sells luxury cars round the globe is now presenting a concept car that rather suggests a vehicle that built out of environmental guilt. However, cars like ME.WE can actually curb the crucial problem that our planet Earth faces today. And we hope Toyota to build this consciousness among world’s car consumers.

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