Toyota teams up with Microsoft for internet service

Toyota is working on a joint collaboration with Microsoft to merge cars through internet mediums. The mediums employed are smartphones and home computers to enable users to locate tourist destinations, and connect on social networks and browse through new models. This new system of merging with a power player in the software industry, Microsoft will enable consumers lead an exciting and convenient life.

The new version of internet site introduced by Toyota is called which commences on the 30th of May in Japan, this website will be designed on the world class concept of cloud computing created by Microsoft which can be referred to as Windows Azure. A US software firm has stated that this technology is in its infancy, and is a merge of another dynamic technology called SharePoint software. The viewer rate of has multiplied dramatically to more than 1.65 million. Toyota, an established auto firm aims to increase the figure to two million in few years time.

This technology is being researched and worked on to great detail by other auto biggies as well with respect to internet security, locating restaurants, and the need to educate the public on secure driving practices. The main theme is to target the young Japanese demographic who are focusing on high tech gadgets to please their peers than emphasizing on the purchase of cars. The lavish spending on gadgets by the young Japanese population has resulted in a term for this behavioral trend which can be referred to as ‘’kuruma banare’’ or an exit from cars.’’

This website will have facilities such as shopping sites, video games, social networks and so on. There will be a smartphone system to direct drivers through electronic means to a massive figure of 30,000 locations from 250 paths. There will also be over 3,000 new and ancient models; an interesting angle to this is there will also be interviews conducted with engineers. The company aims to invest revenues for uploading new contents for  There has been a joint partnership agreement with Toyota and Microsoft in 2011 of April, to work on the area of telematics and the introduction of ground breaking technology in cars. is developed by Akio Toyoda, who is the president and grandchild of the founder of the company. Akio is appreciated for his remarkable knowledge on internet expertise and was years ahead in following up the magnitude of social network sites and the importance on the powerful tools needed to elevate the spirit of the company.

Toyota has also entered into an agreement with US cloud firm specialized in computing called which operates social networks for in built hybrid owners to are in the know how on the usage and mechanisms of the functioning of these cars. Toyota has been successful in the area of mentoring the nuances of alerting the public on driving technologically advanced cars.
Toyota has indeed gone a long way to merge technology with driving through smartphones and home computers. This area of the blend of cars and technology into one is the latest development trend, and there will surely be university courses in this area.

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