Toyota unveils its mysterious new six-seat hybrid concept at Shanghai

Toyota is one the run with its new models showcases at the eminent Shanghai Motor Show. The company has introduced the home grown model of Yaris which is a stylish six seat compact crossover compact car to cater to young Chinese demographic. The Yaris is a trendy five door hatch car, and the sedan make is termed Vios, both the cars overwhelmed the public at the Beijing Motor show in 2012. The cars are centered towards the Chinese market, is scheduled to undergo production during the latter period of 2013. The company will also introduce the Yaris model to cater to the taste of the Japanese market.

The six seat car is referred to as FT-HY Yuejia which is embedded with an artistic pillar less scissor door carving, hybrid engine, classy cabin and three rows of seats. This is likely to be a concept car mainly for the Chinese segment. To add to the excitement there are other concept cars in the making, which is a Yungdong Shauangging II, this model is fitted with a newly developed hybrid system that is under production, an EV concept car and an electric car called the squat compact crossover. Toyota is also working on a Corolla bases engine called Danz developed in a joint collaboration with the successful Chinese automobile firm called FAW.

The company will introduce new hybrid vehicles in India as well; in India the Prius is the main profit maker which has contributed amazing sales to the company. With the aim to highlight on fuel efficiency and clean and green technologies, the company aims to introduce 18 hybrid cars by 2015, out of which 13 are new cars and the remaining five will be modifications of the existing vehicles.

The new car is to boost the sales of Toyota which has dipped lately due to an argument between Tokyo and Beijing about the claim of islands situated in East China Sea. The car is likely to be introduced in sedan and hatchback model that would be a replacement to Yaris and Vios. The development of the new concept is to heighten the sales of the company, since the Yaris and Vios failed to create an impulse in sales turnover.
The new hybrid concept will be introduced with artistic carvings of six seats, scissor doors, sophisticated cabin and three seats, since this car is targeted to the Chinese market, it is a reflection on the liking of the Chinese demographic towards modern and arty cars. These concepts are not introduced in many cars, hopefully more of these concepts will be developed to enjoy a different car atmosphere, and experience the drive quality in cars with scissor doors. In India, Toyota is likely to introduce a range of hybrid cars; hopefully few cars will have uniquely stylish designs.

Let’s hope the new hybrid model will step on Indian soil and startle the public with its features and design. The new hybrid has all the features of a luxurious unique car with scissor doors along with exclusive cabin which is something very rare.

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