The new Toyota RAV4 has been spotted on Indian roads; though its launch is uncertain

What would you think if an automobile that has no plans or intentions to get launched in India, been parked on Indian Soil? What would be your guess? Well, quite recently the Toyota RAV4, 2013 model has been spotted somewhere in West Bengal in a yard and has been spotted and photographed by a dedicated Facebook fan of India, belonging to the Kolkata Car Fanatics.

Automobile enthusiasts have projected their thoughts towards the line that Toyota has been trying to evaluate the response of its vehicle, the Camry based SUV in the Indian Market. But, this guess may not be true as well, because Toyota has no plans at all to launch its RAV4 model in India.

Official recourses from the company have reported the press, earlier this year that the company has not even considered about the launch of the vehicle in India. Then why should the vehicle is parked in Indian yard? What is the purpose of this visit? Experts in the field are only guessing on this face so far.

Best Guess for the situation:

Experts and Automobile enthusiasts have guessed that this vehicle, the Toyota RAV4 has been launched for the Bhutanese and Nepalese market and Toyota has plans to launch its vehicle in Nepal and for mere logistics purposes, the company would have planned to drive the vehicle across the border.

But this is the first time cars to be sold in Nepal are being driven across India. This premier automobile has been launched at the global premiere in the year 2012 Auto show in Los Angeles, last November. The car has also entered its sales paradigm in the United States in the year 2013.

Features of the Vehicle:

The vehicle has some of its parts being carried over from the Camry version, which offers the RAV4 a very premium cabin and a rich look. The vehicle has been powered with a 2.5 litre petrol engine with four cylinders.

Its powerful engine produces about 176Bph at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 233 Nm at an rpm of 4,100. Its vehicle would feature a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox powered by a Toyota 4WD system. Hope this would be an ideal fit for Nepal roads and people.

This new SUV from Toyota features an AWD system with three driving modes namely lock, sport and auto modes. In Auto mode the power gets transmitted to the form wheels and the rear wheels come into action only when the vehicle mounts of tough terrains.

The lock mode distributes power evenly to the front and the rear axles and works at a speed of about 40km/hour only. The sport mode in the car offers better handling as the mode helps to channelize power to the real wheels of the vehicle when the car turns around its corners.

Though all these aspects are clear and portray the vehicle to be a best fit model worth considering by automobile enthusiasts, why is this car not prepared to enter Indian roads but gets launched in Nepal and Bhutan? This is still a matter of question amidst automobile enthusiasts in India.

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