Toyota Avalon built with state-of-the art hybrid technology

Toyota is a world renowned auto figure; the company has explored varied segments of novel and unique engineering technology with its hybrid cars. Toyota has built the hybrid version of Avalon with the advanced Synergy Drive technology. The Avalon is a classy midsized car molded into a professional and urbane structure.

Ardent Toyota fans will be familiar with Prius which has contributed remarkable sales on a global level at over one million pieces. Hybrid cars are built with dual engine system, with gas and electric motor into a single piece. Such cars are highly reliable and offer superior engine efficiencies and mileage. Toyota has immersed into a whole new technology and garnished it with attributes to amaze the modern demographic with a classy sculpt and breathtaking interior fitments.

The mileage offered by Avalon on ideal city or highway conditions is 40 mpg, sources who have test driven the car have said that the car maneuvered at even 45mpg. The drive experience was spectacular the superb torque and mileage made the overall experience more enjoyable as stated by car enthusiasts. The hybrid Avalon is constructed with amazing features and is highly reliable and an excellent option for frequent car vacation travelers and those who commute long distances to work on a daily basis.

The car is released in three versions such as limited, touring and premium, the concept car was splashed with some extraordinary features such as pre-collision equipments and radar cruise control. Such features are pretty high-tech and has now become a reality, earlier such attributes were visible in some imaginative action packed movie such as James Bond and so on.

Customers would be thrilled with the fact of experiencing luxury in a medium sized car; the hybrid Avalon is inserted with LED form of lighting, the car portrays a luxurious stance from rear and front that progresses to the roof. The mighty demeanor of the car is spiced up with the vibrant blue badge.

The Avalon hybrid is built to cater to those in the corporate field and students, the thought of owning a hybrid car is thrilling and the excitement gets higher when hybrid cars deliver attributes of incredible style, power packed performance, excellent mileage and world class safety. Consumers can save chunks of money and probably enjoy more outings and vacations with family and friends.

The car is tailored with mind blowing features such as 3 zone climate monitoring system, rain sensing wipers, navigation system and Bluetooth. The features get more exciting with an electronic tray situated beneath the dash, and there are storage areas to store chargers, phones and so on. The interior volume at the rear was amazing according to sources; the steering wheel is mounted with audio controls. The tachometer is removed and is now replaced with fuel reader that reads the amount of power emitted during brake application.

The hybrid Avalon is built with best-in-class hybrid technology, and it would be interesting to observe the power of hybrid cars on roads. The Prius has generated admirable sales in India; it would be interesting to observe more hybrid cars in the future.

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