Toyota reveals its Yaris Hybrid-R Concept prior its world debut

The world’s highest selling auto brand, Toyota Motors has yet again revealed one of its innovative car concepts to the public. The Japanese car major has revealed the first ever full-fledged photo of its Yaris Hybrid-R Concept car prior to its official debut in the next month.

This new concept is also as usual a part of Toyota’s kitty full of new, innovative and futuristic cars meant for the new-age car consumers. The Hybrid R concept is based on the platform of the three door Toyota Yaris. Under the hood, the concept car will have a 1.6 liter Global Race Engine (GRE) which will be coupled with two powerful electric motors that will ensure that the car gets to have an all 4 wheel drive system successfully.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept also draws some amount of inspiration from the technology of the TS030 Hybrid race car. Some of it is the capability to recuperate energy under its braking system in a potent capacitor and later deliver it to the motors in order to offer an added boost of energy to heighten the derived power. It is to be noted that Toyota has already mentioned that this tech is very much suitable for the usage in a sports car. Thus, it can be safely said that the same technology will also make its way into the GT86 in the future.

It is a known fact that Toyota is the pioneer of Hybrid cars. The Japanese car major introduced the first mass produced hybrid car in the form of today’s extremely successful Prius, after which the car maker never looked back. The Prius made Toyota work extensively on the Hybrid technology as well as the other green technologies. At present, the need of the green cars are evident and the governments of various countries round the world are implementing mandatory introduction of the green cars apart from providing subsidies for such cars. Toyota realizing its decision to follow the green path to be most potential is increasingly focusing on the increased production of the green vehicles.

Toyota is also fast achieving breakthrough success in the fuel cell technology, as the car maker is getting ready to offer its first mass produced Fuel Cell vehicle to the car consumers in the year 2015. Toyota is expected to offer a considerably affordable price tag for its upcoming Hydrogen powered car, which is one of the most daunting obstacles in the advent of the Fuel Cell vehicles.

Toyota is busy preparing itself before the company showcases its most recent developments on the fuel cell as well as the hybrid technologies in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show this year. Toyota is expected to provide more details on its Fuel Cell model that is due in 2015.

The Japanese car maker is also working to increase the production capacity for the Hybrids and Electric Vehicles, and has already announced of its contemplation to bring in at least 16 brand new as well as refreshed models of its hybrid product line.

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