Features of Indian manufactured 2014 Land Cruiser released in UK

Toyota a world renowned auto firm is geared to unveil its new Land Cruiser for UK markets on the 1st of December this year. For some interesting news, the UK spec 2014 Land Cruiser will be the exact same model to hit Indian markets in 2014. The new Cruiser will emerge in a grand package with fresh entertainment, interior, exterior modifications. For ardent off road fans, the car will possess new high-tech off-road technology.

The new Cruiser, is a symbol of luxury and comfort, the car will have eight seats, and is equipped with a potent 5.7 liter V8 engine with advanced DOHC technology. This super efficient engine churns shockingly impressive engine outputs of 543Nm torque and 382 bhp power. This stunning engine output values and massive seating arrangement will make the 2014 Cruiser an ideal family model.

In terms of interior technology, the 2014 Cruiser is inserted with touch 2 system touch screen multimedia devise. This system delivers incredible screen viewing capacity, which is four times higher than usual. An interesting high-tech technology used here is the smartphone type of drag and swipe gesture system for enhanced operation. Besides enjoying a fun filled screen experience, there is a Tom Tom traffic alert app which displays information on traffic movement. Consumers can actually select their own resolution before viewing touch screen.

The other interesting best-in-class features are downhill assist control, hill start assist control, active traction control, seven airbags, rear view camera, potent air conditioner with climate control facilities, chrome decorated radiator grill, body color door handles, electric windows and LED daytime running lights.

The most loaded models have superior technology attributes such as multi terrain monitor inserted with four cameras, trailer stability control, adaptive variable suspension, wood and leather steering wheel, rear electric suspension, rear and front parking sensors, dimming rear view mirror, rain sensing wipers, dusk sensing headlamps, triple zone automatic air conditioner.

The 2014 Cruiser has all the features to enjoy a completely new atmosphere splashed with technology. Consumers cannot hope for greater luxury, the touch 2 system touch screen is an attractive medium to pass time and to also enjoy a 21st century car atmosphere.

The Land Cruiser is priced at Rs 1.18 crore, the car is nothing but a high tech car. Toyota has built the Land Cruiser to cater to the wealthy section of Indian society. The safety features of the car are outstanding and consumers can hope for optimum safety under harsh conditions. This is an ideal family car to enjoy an amazing long distance drive through rough-terrains. The car is an iconic symbol for wealthy individuals who have worked extremely hard to reach top positions in the workforce and also for top notch entrepreneurs and smart thinkers who have exemplary enterprise skills.

The new Cruiser can also be termed a celebration car, since it is a product of hard work and dedication. This is a suitable platform for ambitious Indians to race to the top and hold prestigious corporate positions. The car showcases India’s robust earning capacity and is a legend of state-of-the art technology.

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