Toyota aims to insert auto pilot technology in cars

Toyota a renowned auto figure has stunned the world with its technological accomplishments in cars. The launch of Prius and Camry hybrid cars has been a boon to nations, with its admirable low carbon-dioxide emission properties. Toyota has now touched another ground breaking theory, called auto pilot. The company has recently announced of its aim to launch next-gen cars with auto pilot feature. This mode of operation is common in air craft’s, where the machines are in auto mode, with no assistance from pilot. The same follows for Toyota cars, the main reason to initiate such means of operation is to prevent collisions, and also remain in one spot, and drivers do not have to mend with the machines.

This is an interesting and inventive discovery, Toyota has submerged itself to emerge with victorious techniques such as self-drive technique used for auto pilot cars. Those who are thrilled with the thought of such models will have to hold on for a while before they appear on the streets.

Auto pilot cars are driven with the principle of advanced drive support technique, which avoids unwanted errors, minimizes stress and also in an exemplary safety medium, herds of unavoidable accidents can be wiped away. Besides Toyota, there are other reputed firms working on such discoveries, software biggie Google and Nissan have pushed cutting-edge research theories in this segment.

Most people would be of the view that auto pilot cars require no extensive practice, but this is not the case. According to Toyota, drivers have to get full on experience in this system, and be aware of the various auto functions. The vehicle is in auto pilot mode and majority of the task is performed by computers.

One of the supreme technological advancements in auto pilot category is the (AHDA) Automated Highway Driving Assist, where vehicles can maneuver in wireless mode and this prevents collisions and cars remain in one position. The invention of auto pilot engineering has taken technology to a whole new level, where the car does all the work, and it recognizes the speed or accelerating power of vehicles in front, and the best part is such mechanisms prevent traffic jams. These wireless vehicles receive data at lightening speeds of 0.1 seconds.

For some interesting news Toyota has incorporated few segments of auto pilot technology in its luxurious Lexus brand. The techniques used are brake assist devise and pre-collision. Such discoveries will be fitted in many other vehicles by the year 2015.

Auto pilot cars will be highly beneficial in India, where there has been massive increase in vehicular traffic. Rash driving is a common trend, auto pilot cars will solve these issues, where millions of Indians can be saved by irrational drivers. Car enthusiasts and aspiring engineers will be stunned with auto pilot technology; such techniques are a representation of the amazing heights to which technology has progresses. Such a system will be useful on highways, mainly because during peak monsoon, there are chances of skids, and the narrow roads will intensify the danger levels.

Years from now the roads might be filled with auto pilot cars, with Robotic technology gaining significant important, and been researched on to the core, automatic mode of operation will the next big thing in engineering world.

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