Toyota Corolla becomes bolder to attract young buyers

Toyota Motors’ one of the ever bestselling brands is the Corolla of which the company has sold more than 40 million units. However, the company is very much aware of the rising competition from the stunning sedans from the rival companies such Honda, Ford and Hyundai. Thus, Toyota has worked on the all new 2014 Corolla in order to change its visual appeal to the world’s audience. This style statement is an essential survival strategy of Toyota.

2014 toyota corolla front shoot

The main objective of the new generation Corolla was to give it a stunning makeover in order to fix its plain looks in comparison to the other global bestsellers. The vice president for sales at Toyota Motors, Paul Holdrige revealed the aim of the all new Corolla, by saying that the company wanted to make the sedan, a car that people want to buy as compared to the ongoing model’s very competent class but boring styling. The endeavor of the company clearly shows in the 2014 Corolla which nothing like its predecessor, and has become a stunner with bold and smooth flowing designing.

The most appealing features of the latest generation model come in the form of its large attractive lower grill, swept back windshield and the smooth sloping C-pillar apart from the bold body lines of the sedan. The wow look of the all new Corolla is obviously a great welcome for the Corolla lovers, who never got that oomph factor from this otherwise gem of a car.

However, though the primary focus was on the styling factor of the all new Corolla, Toyota has also equipped the new generation sedan with enhanced performance and handling that are also hugely appreciated by the consumers. Toyota has incorporated enhanced powertrain and transmission technologies in the car in order to make it a truly new car in the global car market.

Added to all these new awesome features of the all new Corolla, Toyota will be also practically produce all the required Corolla units for the North American market in the US itself. Earlier, Toyota used to bring in some units of the Corolla from Japan to be sold in the car market of the US, however now the company expects the manufacturing facilities in Mississippi as well as Ontario with their improved capacity to cater to all the Corolla demands in North American which stands to about 330,000 Corolla units per year.

As for the Corolla’s brand appeal, Toyota ardently wants it to appeal to the young generation. Holdrige expects 20 percent of the prospective Corolla buyers to be under age group of 35, which is considerable enhancement from the preceding model’s 15 to 17 percent.

Holdrige says that the world is going to be younger, meaning that most of the things depend on the young and the dynamic. He further said that the company has seen other brands die with time. If a product can’t change with time, it ultimately perishes.

Thus, Toyota is equipping the Corolla with adaptability, so that this 47 year old brand gets an elongated life.

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