Toyota organizes the Classic Car Festival of 2013 in Japanese city of Tokyo

Toyota is a world renowned auto figure, and has stunned the world with its exotic and technologically advanced pieces. Its posh models are Corolla, Lexus and Fortuner and its breakthrough products are Camry and Prius hybrid.

Besides rolling out plush and comfortable cars, Toyota has introduced an interesting and exciting activity. Toyota Automobile museum is a cultural exhibition owned by the company situated in the city of Aichi Prefecture in Japan. The authorities of the museum will host an amazing Classic Car festival, at the Meijijingu Gaien Park region in the city of Shinjuku in Tokyo; the event will take place on the 30th of November. The Classic Car festival is conducted annually to develop and encourage ‘automobile culture’ and also enhance the social skills of car fans through interactions.

Major segment of the festival will happen close to ‘Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and some of the exhilarating events include driving display of Classic Cars acquired from Toyota Automobile Museum Collection. The event only gets exciting, after the commencement of festival, there will be a spectacular Crosstown Parade which features around 100 personally owned vintage cars from across the globe.

To revisit bygone eras, Toyota Automobile museum has introduced another exclusive exhibition called ‘Motor Show and Cars of 1960s. This will be a fun and educational program, which will highlight the progression and expansion of auto industry on a global scale. The show will display 9 vehicles from the 1960’s will be revealed and also driven. This time the museum has given a different treatment to the exhibition, with active partnership with many other firms, there will also be 3 speakers to represent 3 various auto manufacturers. The speakers will zero in on their most appreciated model out of the 9 showcased cars.

Visiting a heritage car exhibition is thrilling and  to take home this splendid and once in a lifetime moment there is a separate area to capture images, and visitors can sit inside the Ford Thunderbird or BMW Isetta and click photos. Ardent car fans will be overjoyed with the thought of visiting the Classic Car Festival; cars built today are completely different from what it was during the 1960’s. Toyota Tiara is among the interesting trendy cars manufactured during the 60’s and sports a typical long caravan like design. Vintage cars are constructed with enhanced creativity, on the thought of classic cars, the perceptions are simple designs. The trendiness is highlighted by the slight bumps and curves.

As mentioned earlier the Classic Car Festival is an attractive educational medium for aspiring engineers and designers to study the various possible car designs used in yesteryears. Tiara and other antique cars are symbols of elegance in simplicity. Those who admire action packed James Bond movies would have noticed few antique car pieces. There cannot be a better moment for the elderly than the Classic Car Festival to bring back those golden memories. Such events are perfect time machines where people can go back and forth in time especially when primitive cars are placed close to 21st century ones. A fictional time machine is now actually real.

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