Toyota to build 2014 Yaris in accordance with strict eco car regulations

Toyota a world renowned auto figure headquartered in Japan has conquered the eco-friendly car segment. Its latest premium eco friendly car is the Yaris, the car will launch in Bangkok in 2014 March. The Toyota division in Bangkok has not yet disclosed information on the price or production state of the car.

According to information provided by (BoI), Board of Investment, the company’s engineering team will discuss the 2nd phase of development. The investment that will go into the manufacture of the car at this stage will be around 30 to 40 billion Baht.

In 2007, the Yaris was in its 1st phase of manufacture, and expenditure released was about 28.8 billion Bhat. The 1st phase development was carried out by a combined unit of established auto manufacturers like Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi. The pooling in of many auto heads, yielded significant production capacities of around 585,000 pieces on an annual basis.

The applications for 2nd phase production scheme should be submitted to Board of Investment by the end period of March next year. After the proposal is approved by mid 2014, investment formats will be formatted by 2015.

Those who are in charge of the 1st phase of manufacture of the fresh Yaris car can apply for extension in 2nd segment. The extension procedure will incur capital investment costs of around 5 billion baths; this is exclusive of land revenues.

First time manufactures have to adhere to strict investment protocols, and the investments should not go past 6.5 billion baht. The production levels should not exceed 100,000 volumes on an annual basis from 4th year. There are strict regulations for eco-friendly models as well, and such cars should be manufactured in accordance with Euro five environmental standards. To comply with stringent emission rules the carbon dioxide levels should be below 100 grams for every 100 kms, and for the current models it can exceed to 120 grams.

The upcoming Yaris has to be engineered in a way that it maneuvers with a mileage of 4.3 liters within a distance of 100kilometers. This is for the 1st phase of manufacture. The engine volume cannot go past 1,500cc and 1,300cc for diesel and petrol models.

Authorities have formulated the program in a way that a tax free break is offered for 6 years, and there incentives will be offered to source local components.

Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT) is keen to export its car to robust Asian auto markets of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. This will happen when the economic community is formed during the latter period of 2015.

Eco friendly cars are the latest hot research topics, performed in laboratories. Toyota has launched two eco-friendly hybrid varieties, called Prius and Camry hybrid. Both cars are built with advanced technology and are garnished with supreme luxury.

The Yaris sports a trendy style statement, Toyota has recently showcased the Hybrid R concept, and the theme used is called Super Capacitor. The principle behind Super Capacitor technology is swift discharge speed, charge and over the top power density.

The research carried out in eco-friendly car segment has progressed to great depths. Years from now there might be many more eco-friendly cars, and the streets will be filled with minimal pollution levels and occupants can hope for a more prosperous way of life.

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