Toyota flaunts striking Aqua Air and other concepts

The globe’s largest passenger car maker Toyota is grabbing all eye balls at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show with all its futuristic car concepts and incredible models. Toyota has recently unveiled yet another mind blowing concept car in the form of the Aqua Air concept car in Tokyo.

The Aqua Air concept is capable of making the Prius lovers fall in love with this car and have the Prius critics bowled over. While the visual appeal of the world acclaimed Prius though impressive isn’t actually head turning, the Aqua Air concept is exactly something meant to pop out the onlookers’ eye balls and make their jaws drop.  This stunning, hoodless convertible hybrid version can well become a fashion icon.

The Aqua is also known as the Prius C, and it was showcased apart from 3 other variants of the Aqua-Prius. There is a crossover variant in the line, in order to lure those who long to experience the off-road adventure with a cool vehicle. Toyota also revealed the Aqua Premi, which is a very luxurious variant with the initial premium prefixed in its name, while a Sports variant is aimed for those who love to race against the wind and are all for spirited driving.

The global hybrid market has really heating up with numerous companies bringing in their stylish and luxurious hybrid models. Being the pioneer of the hybrid, Toyota is not really keen on letting others take over this market and wishes to preserve its leading position. The much speculated next-gen Prius hybrid is going to be a killer of a vehicle when two things are concerned, says Toyota’s global R&D executive vice president, Mitsuhisa Kato. These two things are efficiency and performance.

The all new Prius is expected to be a much coveted super model in the auto industry, as it’s going on a major diet slashing its weight up to 20 percent, thus becoming a more high performance car. Moreover, the new model is going to come with enhanced engine efficiency for a superb hybrid experience. Then again, Toyota had earlier announced that the company is going to prove its design expertise by giving the all new Prius a stunning makeover. The next gen model is to debut Toyota’s all new design language and come as an all-rounder head turner  being developed based on Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

Toyota also believes that Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) will be the next big thing, and in this field also the company is going to succeed. The company reminds how the Prius was once jeered at by the auto critics; which is now the world’s most popular green car selling over 5 million units.

Toyota revealed its much anticipated hydrogen FCV concept at the Tokyo show. The sleek and striking hydrogen powered sedan flaunts a dazzling blue color and a shape similar to a horizontal water droplet. With wavy body lines and flowing structure, this futuristic car represents the optimal green Fuel Cell technology that only emits water.

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