Toyota Prius stands tall on TUV reliability examination review

Hybrid cars are the latest top research topics, lately Mahindra has announced of its aim to build hybrid vehicles. Toyota has explored depths of hybrid technology with the launch of Prius and Camry models. Prius is among the most reliable model, and it has topped the TUV reliability survey, and internationally acknowledged unit, the competition levels here was strenuous, Prius had to compete with over fifteen cars who grabbed the top ten spot.

For some astonishing facts, this is the first publication of TUV yearly report in forty years. This review analyzes models on its quality and long lasting reliability of all the possible available cars. The Prius has topped the dependability charts, and the assessment also fitted Toyota on top of the charts, as foremost auto maker, for 4th year in a row. Prius proved its dependability factor for an extended period of time, in the 4 to 5 as well as 6-7 year old vehicle segment.

Toyota cars are established brands in the 2-3 year analysis as well, its trendy iQ hybrid model earned the third sport, and Avensis was the 9th best. In 4-5 year old vehicles, Auris acquired the 8th sport and Prius was nestled in the 9th category. Prius stood 5th in 6-7 year segment, while Toyota Yaris, RAV4 and Verso took hold of the ninth, seventh and sixth position.

Taking eight year old models into consideration, top ratings provided by TUV were Toyota brands. Verso was branded the second most appreciated model, whereas the eighth and fifth spot was taken by Corolla and Avensis respectively. Now heading to older models of 10 and 11 years of age, RAV4, Corolla and Yaris stood second, third and fourth respectively. 

Toyota cars have taken full control of the TUV rating, but one model which appears often is Prius. For some interesting facts, Prius has recorded top brand appreciation ratings in 4-5 and 6-7 year old pieces. This is an indication of the company’s reliability levels in the cutting-edge hybrid technology segment.

It is a celebration moment for Toyota, when its brand tops every aspect of TUV assessment. TUV has been on the scene for forty years, and the review is conducted in an unbiased manner. The highlight of TUV examination is consumer satisfaction levels in terms of quality and reliability. The other responsibilities of TUV are to conduct rigorous technical investigations in German markets, and review adequate quality testing assessments on a global scale.

The most recent surveys are tested from 2012 July to 2013 June for 8 million cars in German units.

It is a strenuous task to engineer cars with everlasting durability and state-of-the art quality. Toyota has emerged winner in both these aspects; the company has taken away all the phenomenal aspects of emerging with a quality model. Its Corolla, Aventis and Yaris define the power of luxury to the core. Toyota has produced break through hybrid cars as well with Prius.

Hybrid technology is the last most sought after technique, the global population is aware about the needs to protect the environment in order to breathe clean air and live a longer and sustainable life.

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