Toyota emerged victorious in 2013 out beating Volkswagen and General Motors and aims at 3% growth hike in 2014

Toyota Motor Corp has indulged in strategic planning in 2013 and has out beaten Volkswagen and General Motors and is the top auto player with sale of over 10 million vehicles. Toyota cars are in great demand all over the globe particularly in China and US.

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Toyota has been a renowned global player for years, and the overall globe sales which in inclusive of sale flow from divisions like Daihatsu Motor Co and Hino Motor Limited has risen to about 2.4% with the release of 9.98 million pieces. This statement was made by Toyota Motor Corp, the parent firm based in Japan.  General Motors and Volkswagen are also major profit players in 2014, and the total sale outputs generated by the two companies are 9.71 million and 9.8 million respectively. Toyota hopes for similar bright prospects in 2014 and the predicted forecast is 10.32 million pieces.

Toyota is rated the number one auto firm in 2013, and has out beaten Volkswagen and General Motors, two fierce competitors. The Chief Executive officer of Toyota, Akio Toyoda on acquiring the number one spot stated that the company is still on the process of facing revivals in short intervals. Reputed American players like General Motors have been on the top selling game for decades, and Volkswagen has also gained a major foothold in global sale segment and the firm is investing majorly in attractive auto segments of China and US. Prior to the announcement of Toyota’s sale portfolio for 2013, its share value dipped to about 6,256 yen which is a 1.3% fall. The year before than the stock value rose to 60% compared to 51% recorded in (BTI) Broader Topix Index.

The year 2013 was a challenging for Toyoda who was conferred the president role; this was after Toyota witnessed its first ever yearly decline in 6 decades. Toyota had to work through tremendous challenges in the past like weak yen value, natural calamities, and yearly recalls.

Toyota is among the acclaimed auto makers to explore the depths of hybrid car technology. The company’s first hybrid was unveiled in 1997, and the company has recently made headlines with its hybrid models with the sale of its sixth millionth product. Toyoda is the grandson of the founder of Toyota, and his team is now working on a more emotional design for the new Camry. The new design theme is called waku doki which in Japan means heart racing characteristics.

Toyota has always been on top of its sale game, in 2012, the company’s sales were higher than General Motors by 460,000 pieces, and this year the difference in sales has reduced to around 270,000 pieces.

The past few years have been challenging for auto firms all over the globe, Toyota since inception has been a leader in auto segment. For decades the company has enjoyed admirable sales and market shares, but the adverse impacts of recession, reduction in economic value of yen and natural calamities have had a toll on the company. Toyota despite being under the most aggressive challenges has still managed to acquire top sale positions.

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