2014 Yaris is stylish and luxurious

Toyota a world renowned auto brand has lately launched the new Yaris; Yaris is appreciated for its chic and stylish demeanor. The new Yaris is an improvement of the past and flaunts a more sophisticated design. It is bigger than the previous car.

Toyota Yaris 2014

Auto firms have been lately working on new style languages apparent with new Authentic styling in the upcoming Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and Exciting H design in new Honda City. Toyota too has emerged with a new style language in new Yaris. The car is longer than its predecessor by over 315mm, and is more comfortable and roomy than the earlier model. The car is covered in dynamic lines and creases. From the looks of it car enthusiasts will be reminded of a highly fashionable model. The new Yaris offers a superior aerodynamic effect than the earlier car, and the drive encounter according to sources is incredibly smooth. The new exterior fitments to look forward to are extended tail lights and projector tire headlights.

The interior room is luxuriously spacious to the core; Toyota has designed the car with a view to offer great room to tuck in many occupants who can enjoy a grand lifestyle in a modern car of the 21st century. The legroom volume is77mm and the cargo room is 81 liters greater than the earlier car. The passenger and driver can hope to encounter waves of luxury in new Yaris. The inner décor is mind blowing with premium leather fabric along with silver and chrome finish.

The car is equipped with a potent four cylinder VVT-iDOHC 16 valve engine, the new Yaris is sold in two additional trims 1.3 E and 1.5G. The introduction of two new variants is to bring in many more models with admirable fuel efficiency values and robust engines.

The car is sold in seven shades like frozen blue mica metallic, red mica metallic, orange mica metallic, grey metallic, thermalyte, attitude black and freedom white. Toyota has launched the new Yaris in Europe and Japan, the company has launched the new model with a view to target stylish drivers.

The new Yaris according to sources is immensely attractive, because of the cosmetic updates, and lavish interior room. The new Yaris is about 315 millimeters bigger than its predecessor. About the more lavish and stylish Yaris, a Toyota company official stated that the car looks more youthful and stylish than the earlier model. The new desirable attributes of the car is it is more comfortable and roomy.

The new Yaris is rolled out in 1.3G and 1.5G variant, the 1.3G model is engineered with automatic and manual transmission gearbox and the 1.5G car is fitted with automatic transmission gearbox.

The new Yaris is a car to look forward to, and offers the best luxuries a hatch buff can ask for. The car looks super trendy from the outside and magnificent on the inside. The excitement lies with the fact that it is bigger and roomier than the earlier model.

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