Toyota-BMW joint venture may breed hybrid Z4 and FT-1

It is not a new fact that Toyota has partnered with BMW to collaborate on various advanced technology including the Fuel Cell technologies. The two auto majors have joined hands to work on advanced technology for their own super cars that will benefit both the companies.

Toyota FT1 Concept

It has been reported a number of times for a couple of years now, that the partnership between Toyota and BMW is going to churn out some advanced sports cars and super cars. Now, some more information is available on the two of these two companies’ models and what is going to be offered in these two car models in future. The two models in question are the BMW Z4 successor and the much talked about Toyota FT-1 sports car concept. The Toyota FT-1 is expected to be the next Supra though it might have an entirely new name.

Both the successor of the BMW Z4 and the production version of the Toyota FT-1 sports car will be benefitting from the technology merger of the two companies, and will thus come braced with latest technological advancements. The ongoing Z4 and its predecessor Z3 and all the generation models of the Supra have front mounted gasoline engine. The next Z4 which will be called the Z5 in all probabilities, and the Toyota FT-1’s production model are going to be braced with an all wheel drive system and will be powered by the latest hybrid powertrain.

Toyota’s research and development centers have been busy working on the potential of the super capacitors for many years and the Japanese car major is expected to finally deploy this year’s of toil in a production version of an entirely new vehicles. Toyota has already used the system in its mammoth 420hp Yaris Hybrid R concept where it was paired up with a powerful gasoline engine with the capability of producing 300 Hp coupled with the power of advanced electric motors.

The new sports cars from these two global auto giants will be thus powered with very monstrous powertrains making them truly super cars while going easy on the nature as well. In all probabilities the new sports cars will combine a BMW engine and the strong BMW built along with the power of Toyota’s brilliant electric motors. And instead of the les fuel efficient CVT, the sports cars will get SMG transmission gearbox to enhance the efficiency and performance of the powertrains.

As per the latest reports, BMW is now leading with the development of the chassis for the new sports vehicle. Though there are not many details, it has been known that a strong chassis for the hybrid is being construction with aluminum, super-strong steel and light and sturdy carbon fiber. And yes, the platform and the construction will be shared among the two companies, however each of their own cars will be designed typically as per the individual styling of Toyota and BMW and bear the respective makers own signature features.

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