Royal and majestic Etios Platinum cars launched in Brazil

Toyota’s two major hit models in India are Etios sedan and hatchback, the company has something interesting to show with the two cars. The effect is on the lines of a kingly and royal feeling. Toyota has introduced a Platinum edition version of the two cars in Brazil. The variant is the most loaded XLS car and has few additional features on inside and outside.

Toyota Etios Platinum edition

Toyota Etios Platinum edition

The exteriors of Platinum Etios sedan and hatchback have majestic 15 inch refined diamond cut alloy wheel. The same characteristic is visible on Indian spec model. On the rear are reverse parking sensors and artistically sculpted Platinum badge. The insides too are sprinkled with royalty with high-class leatherette seat covers on which is arty Etios logo. The door handles and air con vents are sprinkled with sparkling chrome.

The interiors of Brazilian spec car has professional piano black center console, the same formula is used on Indian made Etios Cross. The mechanical fitment of both Platinum cars is the same. The only difference is the usage of a single engine built with 1.5 liter capacity. The other engine used on original pieces move with 1.3 liter capacity.

The Etios Platinum car is enriched to the brim, and hence come with a price of 47,090 Reals or INR 12.69 lakhs. The hatch car costs 49,790 Reals or INR 13.42 lakhs. Sources say the car has hit dealership units, and it will surely be a blockbuster hit. Etios is doing remarkably well in the country; the car is built at the established Sao Paulo unit which has manufactured 100,000 vehicles.

Etios sedan and Etios Liva hatch are Toyota’s main sight of attraction, both cars are enabled the company’s to make impressive gains. There is nothing more exciting that viewing the Platinum coated car, it symbolizes glory and enrichment. Images of the cars are up on the web, the rear and side view of Etios sedan and interiors of the car are shown. The exterior picture looks great, and the insides look majestic to the core. By a mere glimpse of the picture the vehicles look stunning, imagine the impact when viewed in real life.

Those who are keen to grab platinum models of Etios sedan and Etios Liva hatch there are both worthy purchases. It will be interesting if the two vehicles were introduced in India. The public will surely go crazy going by the massive volumes generated in luxury car segment.

The Indian auto market has been in a state of gloom for the past couple of years, the main spoiler is the steep rupee depreciation against the dollar. Commodity and fuel rates shot up to unimaginable levels. Toyota and many other established firms had to face the harsh tunes. The market has shown signs of revival. Toyota made admirable 6%gains in May. Most of the profits were generated by Etios Cross and new Corolla. It is indeed a wise move to bring in a platinum variant of Liva hatch. Toyota might emerge with another grand surprise on the level of Platinum launches.

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