The new Corolla will head to China in September

The new Toyota Corolla is a big global launch; the car was recently launched in India, and was a stunner in no time. The car along with Etios Cross created a mark in May 2014 that enabled the firm to note impressive 6% gain over the previous year. Toyota launched both models in May this year.

2014 Toyota Corolla Altis ESport front

2014 Toyota Corolla Altis ESport front

After a big explosion in Indian markets, the 2014 Corolla is all set to launch in China in September this year. Details of the car are available on the company’s website, and are similar to the model launched in India, which is the European spec model. The car was displayed in grand style at 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

The car will be sold with two engines a 1.6litre and 1.8 litre petrol power train, generates enormous power of 138bhp and is coupled with CVT or six speed manual gearbox. The robust 1.6 litre engine yields 120bhp and is attached to CVT or five speed manual transmission. The 1.8 litre car falls into 159 to 800 Yuan (Rs 15.15 lakhs) bracket and costs Rs 15.1 lakhs and 1.6litre model is priced at 107 to800 Yuan and costs Rs 10.22 lakhs.

The Chinese spec 2014 Corolla will have similar characteristics to the Indian based model. The Chinese market will receive the car along with American segments under the joint venture tag of FAW Toyota. The American car is called Levin, and will be launched together with the car.

A new Corolla launch is exciting; the new car comes with a greater excitement package. The first source of excitement is the new Furia style concept that stunned the public to the core at 2014 Auto Expo. The current piece is the eleventh gen model. The exteriors are packed with style and sophistication contributed by creatively styled swept back head lights, sparkling chrome filled grille. The huge bonnet, low roofline and sporty identity makes the car glow to the core.

Nothing has changed on the mechanical front; the car is equipped with robust 1.8 liter petrol VVTi and 1.4 liter diesel D4D engine. The petrol car yields 140 PS and diesel power train yields 90PS power. The engines are coupled with six speed manual gearbox and there is an option of seven speed CVT gearbox as well.

The insides too are packed with a whole new level of greater newness; the surprise factor lies in touch screen, along with posh satellite navigation and infotainment system. The cabin room is enormously spacious, much more than the earlier car, because of the expansion in length. The new model is 100mm lengthier than the current car. To tuck in higher level of comforts the back seats have reclining amenities.

Too much of thrill factor is packed into the eleventh gen Corolla, every aspect is a greater wonder from the past in terms of design, comfort level, cabin room and interior grandeur. In such as short period loads of sparks are generated over the new Corolla. A greater level of amazement can be expected with the Chinese spec car post launch in September.

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