2014 Toyota Etios Cross Diesel a hit in India?

Toyota launched the Etios Cross in India a few months ago. The Japanese automaker took this step in order to get a grip in the cross over segment of automobiles in the domestic market. The Etios Cross stands up against the VW Polo Cross. Both these cross breeds are well made products from well known companies. Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios Liva are doing a decent business in the Indian market. But they did not achieve what the company had planned. Toyota Etios Cross is a move by the company in order to attract some young customers who needs a hatchback with some more fun factor.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross is quite similar to the Etios twins in terms of the looks. The Etios Cross has got some added features to it to suit its Cross breed nature. The car is surrounded by a black cladding at its bottom which enhances the muscularity of the car and gives a compact SUV-ish feeling to it. The Etios Cross also looks big on road. The rear end of the car has got a spoiler. And the roof rails also adds to the character of the car. We did not expect the Etios Cross to look any different from the Etios twins but we were wrong. The Etios Cross looks very steady and unshakable.

Just like the exteriors, the interiors of the Etios Cross shares a lot features with the Etios Liva. But the quality of the materials used has been improved. Also, the seats feels nicer now. As the dimensions of the Etios Cross have increased by a few millimetres, the cabin space is ample for both the front and the rear passengers. Toyota has passed the centre instrument cluster from the Etios twins to the Cross. We have no idea why the Japanese provided it in the Etios twins in the first place.

Toyota Etios Cross is available in 3 engine options, 2 petrol and 1 diesel. We will talk about the diesel variant here. The diesel unit is a 1.4 litre engine which churns out a max power output of 68 PS at 3800 RPM and generates a peak torque of 170 Nm at 1800-2400 RPM. The engine is refined and smooth. The people in India prefers the diesel engine over petrol (you know the reason why) Toyota claims that the Toyota Etios Cross Diesel will give a mileage of 23 kmpl.

The Etios Cross is a nice car. It feels great and looks better than the Etios twins. The enhancements in the exteriors of the car gives a more prominent look to it and overall the Cross seems to be pretty solid. The diesel engine works the way it should and gives a great fuel efficiency. At present, the only real competitor of the Etios Cross is the German made VW Polo Cross. But to be honest, Polo would definitely looks more pleasing than the Etios twins but the Etios Cross looks much better, as a crossover, than the VW Polo Cross. Priced at a range of Rs 7-8 lakhs, we don’t see a reason not to choose the Etios Cross Diesel.

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