Toyota Auris – why it is not launched in India?

With all the news, mostly related to Toyota Motors, coming in lately it seems that Toyota is putting on an aggressive mode. Toyota Auris, a compact hatchback, is the latest offering by the Japanese auto maker. It is compact hatchback which has been in the production line since 2006. Toyota Auris was launched in various markets all over the globe. It also used a different name for some markets. Toyota unveiled the next generation of the Toyota Auris in the Paris Motor Show in 2012. And the sales of the new Auris began in Japan began in September 2012 while the rest of the world had to wait till the second quarter of 2013. But, its 2014 now and we haven’t heard any news regarding the Toyota Auris making its way to the Indian car market.

2013 toyota auris touring

It seems that Toyota is not at all interested in launching the Auris in India. Well, currently Toyota has a lot to deal with and we understand that the Japanese aren’t good at multi tasking, therefore, it is taking too long for them to consider the Indian car market. Perhaps, we wouldn’t be able to see the Toyota Auris on the Indian roads in the near future because Toyota already has many plans for us. Toyota Yaris, which sounds pretty much like the Auris, is also a compact hatchback and perhaps Toyota is planning to bring it here. I do not understand the nomenclature of these cars though. Toyota Yaris, Toyota Auris… maybe they named the both cars quite similar because they (tha Japanese) also look almost same. Anyways, the Yaris would hit the Indian shores next year and it is being anticipated that it will replace the Toyota Etios Liva.

We support the decision of Toyota of replacing the Etios Liva as it wasn’t doing any good in the domestic market. Perhaps, the Japanese would bring in the Toyota Yaris and put the launch of the Toyota Auris at the bottom of their To-do list, for now. Toyota Yaris would be a good experimental launch for the company. Toyota launched the Etios Liva a few years ago and entered the hatchback segment of the market. The company was trying to win the game here but it did not take long for Toyota to realize that they still have much to learn about the Indian market. The Etios Liva was not received well, especially from the youth of the country, who was the targeted lot of people.

For the time being, Toyota does not have anything big on its mind for India. It has not given any kind of information regarding the launch of the Yaris let alone the Auris. But if Toyota makes a move to re-enter the hatchback segment in the Indian car market then it is very likely that the company would pick up the Toyota Yaris first and if it did manage to win the hearts of the youth of the country then Toyota, perhaps, would bring in the Toyota Auris. As of now, there is nothing much cooking in Toyota’s facilities.

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