Toyota restructures Camry with greater punch and power

The competition levels in global car sector have become so intense that companies are launching more aggressive variants of current model. Toyota has incorporated greater style statements into its 2015 Camry. It sports a more sophisticated look with chiselled sides and aggressively designed grille. The car startled the public at the prestigious New York International Auto Show.

2015 Toyota camry

2015 Toyota camry

A new Camry launch with more impact sounds interesting; it is a bigger model in terms of width and length. Every bit of the car is modified except the roof; the public is obsessed with new Camry. It has generated the highest buying power in US for twelve consecutive years. The reason for its phenomenal success according to Toyota can be attributed to the extent of pleasure it offers in terms of comfort, space and safety.

Over the past few years the attitude towards car tastes has changed, the change is so rapid that auto manufacturers have to keep abreast of the modified needs. Toyota has kept with the times effectively visible in 2015 Camry. It has been a while since the launch of a new Camry; the latest is the 2011 model. It is a measure of a massive drift in liking power after the passage of few years.

The inside too is advancement from the past with softer equipments and wireless charge network. The exterior framework is more rigid with superior steering and suspension to enable a smoother and noiseless ride. The modifications are not just limited to the visibly obvious surface, the side mirrors and carpets have a different outlook to create a quieter atmosphere inside.

The Camry is draped in an exceptionally lavish casing; the new 2015 piece comes in a better package. Imagine the competition levels, its arch rivals are Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat, Hyundai Sonata and Honda Accord. There are two sporty variants on offer, SE and XSE. SE has generated 45% sales; the two cars will be packed with luxury and grandeur with imaginative mesh grille, revamped electric power steering, high spring rates, firm suspension, and 18 inch aluminium wheels. The SE car has a new antiroll bar in front, stronger control arm and reworked shock absorbing valve. The sheet covering is new to add another kind of excitement different from the vanilla layering. The car is longer by 1.8 inches and measures 191cm.

On the front bumper is a wider grille, the arty headlights blend with front fenders and front turn signals merge with illuminating daytime running LED lights. There is neat cut that starts from front fenders moves along the side to the rear section. The tail lights fold into back front fenders and converge with trunk lid.

Toyota has used the same mechanical fitments, the 2015 Camry will move on four cylinder 2.5 litre and an optional V6 3.5 litre powertrain. The engines are attached to six speed automatic transmission. It will offer great eco-friendly value with carbon-dioxide emission power of 35mpg on highways and 25mpg on cities. So follow the new Camry and live life king size.

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