Toyota’s next-gen Prius will come with unbelievable design and technology

Toyota has plunged into the department of hybrid vehicle technology which is the need of the hour. Two of its stellar launches are Prius and Camry, Prius is the best selling hybrid in the world. To fuel greater power the company plans to offer an all-wheel drive system and lithium ion battery with the vehicle.

2015 toyota prius side view rendering

Toyota Motor Corp for some reason postponed the production procedure of the next-gen Prius. The production will start from the coming spring till 2015 December.  The upcoming Prius is the fourth gen model and will come with extra choice options. Customers can choose from lithium ion pack or low priced nickel metal hydride unit. The choice of battery packages was confirmed by the senior managing officer in charge of engine development, Koei Saga. The other additional option is the fitment of front all wheel drive system and Saga is positive of the outcome.

Saga did not expose further details on battery or structure of the vehicle, Toyota engineers are hell bent on building a new hybrid engine. It will fall into the next Prius category that will fall a wider network of vehicles in terms of body configuration and variant type. The new series of hybrid vehicles will be inscribed with the advancements of engineering technology in terms of lightness, smaller size and fuel efficiency. The bigger vehicles will have new design concepts.

The interesting part of next-gen Prius is the usage of two battery units, Toyota aims to engineer a potent nickel metal hydride battery that has undergone several clinical trials. Prius runs on conventional and hybrid fuel, the incorporation of nickel metal hydride battery is to have a model that runs only on electric engine. The option of metal hydride and lithium ion battery many be fitted in the most loaded car.

Saga says the next gen Prius will arrive in a new engineering identity, it will be an advancement shocker, particularly with the mileage and the batteries will be renewable. He did not mention the desired mileage outcome, the forthcoming Prius will be draped with a new design theme, and it sounds motivating christened, ‘Toyota New Global Architecture’. The vision here is to enhance the overall quality of the vehicle and sell it at valuable rates.

The next gen Prius sounds fascinating; the first captivating source is the incorporation of nickel metal hydride and lithium ion battery. The high-end car will run purely on electrical battery technology. Most hybrid cars move on petrol and electric power, the next gen Prius is a step ahead with the usage of two battery units.

The company says mileage will be a shocker, wonder what it will be; Saga has not provided a number. Prius is appreciated for its stunning design, and the next gen car will arrive with a greater package, ‘Toyota New Global Architecture’ and it too will be a marvelous surprise. The entire package sounds captivating; we will have to wait till 2015 to witness first levels of breathtaking chills.

Let’s hope the next-gen Prius comes to India, a fantabulous body along with higher level of cutting-edge technology will work well in the country.

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