New Toyota cars to come packed with Nexus 7 built into the dashboards

Toyota Motor is known for its innovative ideas and futuristic cars. The world’s most selling car maker is very busy working on a whole new experience to be offered in its new cars. While Toyota is busy working on an all new attractive design language that is supposed to make the customer’s hearts go racing with a sudden adrenalin rush. This new ‘Waku Doki’ styling of the Japanese car major is expected to boost its sales volumes and to keep the Toyota customers from going to some other great looking rival cars. However, being Toyota Motor it simply cannot concentrate on smartly designed stunning looking cars, but also on smart cars altogether.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota is working on several smart things for its future cars from total futuristic green cars, to automated cars, to great efficient cars that are highly safe for both the drivers and the people on the roads. One such smart feature in the upcoming Toyota cars would be the Nexus 7.

A large 7 inch highly efficient tablet which is built into the car’s dashboard is really a great idea and is hugely practical too. This very sensible idea to elegantly offer GPS solutions to the car owners is so much better than the cheap and clunky infotainment options that are usually provided by the car manufacturers in their capable cars. Well, Toyota Motor has finally come up with the idea of incorporating the Nexus 7 on board its new cars. The latest Toyota cars in Taiwan will be coming with a built right Nexus 7 in their dashboards to offer great navigation facilities to the owners.

Toyota Motor has partnered with Unimax which is owned by Asus in order to create something which the company calls the Toyota Intelligent System (TIS). This Toyota Intelligent System is nothing, but essentially a regular Nexus 7 tablet which has been customized with added features such as voice-recognition, multimedia offering, 4G connectivity capability and off course all the Google Maps features that already come loaded it.

The best part about the Toyota Intelligent System is that as time passes on, and the newer and better tablets come into the markets, the inbuilt tab on the dashboard can be easily and quickly swapped in with different models as per the consumers’ choice and thus, offer full flexibility to remain up to date. Thus, the Toyota Intelligent System offers great user experience, latest apps and features of the Nexus 7, great customized features by Toyota as well as the option to stay updated and keep up with the changing times.

However, when it comes to which car models exactly from the house of Toyota will come packed with the Nexus 7, has yet not been announced by the Japanese car major. Only time will tell as to which new car models Toyota will choose to bless with the new Toyota Intelligent System to offer efficient and great infotainment experience to the car owners.

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